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Nate, I got the hat today. Looks great. Thanks again for setting this up. Fyi I'm in Virginia if it gives any idea of how long it takes to get
Nate, I got the email and just sent payment. Thanks for setting this up. -Jim
I'm in for Gray
Thanks for the feedback. I want to order a pair of the Blake Boots but was concerned about having them resoled in a few years. I read that Rancourt has been around for 3 generations but God forbid anything happens and the company isn't around. I guess with the internet I could always find a company that has the machine to have them resoled.
Can most cobblers resole the Blake Last without causing any damage, or is it something special that I need to send it back in to Rancourt to have done?
I have one more pair of these available.
I'm selling a pair of Ironheart 634s jeans. I have had these for approximately 3 years but wore them sporadically. I lost 20 lbs after buying these and they're just too loose. I've washed them 3 times and soaked them 3 times to try and shrink them but no luck. They are tagged with the following measurements: 32W / 34L but I had them hemmed and chain stitched at Self Edge NYC. They currently measure: Waist: 16.5" Inseam: 31" Leg Opening: 8" I'm asking $100 shipped.
I'm selling a pair of Ironheart 634. They are tagged 32W / 34L but I had them hemmed at Self Edge NYC and the measurements are listed below: Waist - 16.5" Inseam - 31" Leg Open - 8" I have had these for 2 years but they are too large for me now. I lost 20lbs since buying these and have not wanted to part with them. I've washed them 3 times and soaked them twice in hopes of shrinking them but no luck. My loss is your gain. I'm asking $100 shipped
Unbranded 301 jeans for sale. These are brand new, never worn with tags. They sell for $78 through sponsors on this site, but I'm asking $45 obo shipped. These are the skinny straight fit model made with 14.5 oz japanese denim. I take Paypal.
I have a Cedar Pant Trolley for sale with 13 hangers. I will deliver within the DC metro area. Please PM if interested.
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