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Quote: Originally Posted by shaitan ^A fit pic would look weird because it's too small for me. I can supply one if you'd really like one though. I'd appreciate it if you don't mind. What kind of condition is it in? It's kinda hard to tell from those pictures.
That was great. Also... Man Unable To Wear Nice Clothes Without Everyone Asking Questions
Any chance of a fit pic?
You need to stop watching TV for a while.
Will watch figure skating.
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce His ass is better lit. +1 Love his pics. I do like Uncontrol though.
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven I would get invovled, but I don't think anyone would appreciate my genre of music. I think that's kinda the point. To get people to listen to music that they wouldn't otherwise.
^ Niiiice.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I take it you haven't seen Avatar? Nope. Planning on it though.
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