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I had to thumb that because it had a reference to poetry.
Southern Style, I thought I'd eventually get used to your short pants and maybe even like the look. Sadly, it still ruins your otherwise great ensembles for me. Would you care to share the reasoning behind your negative break?
The lesser of two evils would be to buy a new shirt. I know that what I said doesn't make sense, but you should still do it. In the meantime wear the yellowed shirt with suits and the roll-up the sleeves on the other one in summer with casual linen or cotton pants.
Is there a more detailed recipe for this? I want to try this too.
There must've been a lot of work done. He's more expensive than drycleaner's alterations, but if you have a decent suit, you need a good tailor to work it.From my experience, shoes and tailors are two things you should expect to spend money on. Everything else can be bought cheap if it fits you alright.
In LA I've used 3 places. 1. Paul at Wilshire tailors - best recommendation. 2. Abi at Alandales in Culver City - very high quality alterations, but takes his time. 3. Ali at Lizon Tailors - fast turnaround, low prices, decent quality.
Look for some Boglioli. They'll be what you need. Most of my casual jackets are made by them.
Get a custom made at any one of the online or local MTM places if you have time.
Needs to be a little tightened around the waist and back. The sleeves need a little shortening and, MAYBE, narrowing. Otherwise, it fits well. The belt sucks.
I really like this.
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