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Boglioli can be had for ~$400. Great quality, soft shoulders, fashionably short.
Much better. Except that I feel like calling 911 to get a fire truck to take out that pocket square. Stick to a white linen tv-fold for the next few months. And never listen to your roommate.
The scuffs will be gone with polishing. The dark spots will stay. It's not a big deal and is hardly noticeable in real life. If you wish, you may polish your shoes with a darker cream to make it less obvious. But be careful with that, it takes some skill.
Most of us don't follow trends. But you have to conform a little bit, otherwise you look weird in real life. Also, the makers follow trends, so when we buy new clothes, we have to buy what is more or less trendy.
Not a valid argument, because you're sitting on your jacket when it's single vented all the same. Except that it may fold and crease in unpredictable ways.
I like double vent more, because I don't have to worry about how the vent folds when I sit down or drive.
This needs more lovin'.
DHL shoes?
I have the same problem with a pair of AE that I own. I never wear them anymore. If you figure it out - please, pm me with the solution.
I don't own many OCBD shirts and I wear my regular shirts with jeans all the time. It's a non-issue in the modern world. I wouldn't wear a contrasting collar shirt with jeans though. If you want to be technical, then OCBD is more casual than a pinpoint.
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