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That is great, The_Foxx! Very well done!
I was going to photoshop the same thing today!
I wonder if anyone else feels that the shirt should be more casual for this outfit to work or have I been over-analyzing this whole city/country thing.
Breakfast. The dish is called "The eggs scramble their forces to capture strategic shrimp reserves in the spinach fortress". Sous-vide scrambled eggs passed through a whipping siphon. Grilled shrimp on a bed of blanched spinach topped with honey-caramelized shallots and carrots.
JCrew trousers are great for the price, even if it may seem somewhat expensive. The fit is classic and modern at the same time.
It's SF lingo. By quarters we mean the bottom front halves of the jacket. If they overlap awkwardly (see pic #1) we say that they're closed. Ideally, they should look like in the second picture, where they're open. It depends on the cut of the jacket, as well. Some are cut to be open, some are cut to be closed. However, sometimes the fit is just wrong which results in an undesired overlap of the two front halves of the jacket. Usually, it's the front-back balance and can't...
Brice, much better in terms of color coordination. I like this outfit a lot. Moving on to the fit of the jacket, it seems to me that the quarters of the jacket may not be fitting ideally. If you'd like feedback on the fit of your clothes from members here, try to get some full length shots. Otherwise, keep on improving!
Shirt and tie are a bit too busy for my taste.
Thank you!
Would be much better with a regular cotton blue shirt. Still, very interesting and well executed.
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