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Have you owned many jackets before? How do they fit you? Do you know how a good jacket must fit?I'd be very afraid of MTM or Bespoke until you've had enough experience with OTR. Steer clear of custom made stuff until you know exactly what you want and what works for you.
Was the H&M collaboration any good?At least half of the people here don't even bother posting brands. In SW&D almost everyone does.
I feel that with "fashionable" items like this the context and who's wearing them become important. It may look good on one person and ridiculous on another.
One thing I didn't like about SW&D was their blind loyalty to brands. To me it either looks good or not. I don't care if it's Skechers or MMM.
That would be ideal, yes.
I think I could pull off jeans and a casual jacket with a coarse knit tie. But then again, I'd rather not.
I like the top a lot.
Congratulations, Rudals! Don't listen to people talking about balls and such. They have no idea.
It depends on your overall aesthetics. If you're wearing slim trousers then clunky shoes look awkward. Long and sleek lasts don't go well with jeans and wider casual pants.
Everything is too pale and blends in together. It would've been better without this PS. I really like the shoes-socks-pants combo. In general, all the elements are wonderful and changing just one thing would result in an excellent outfit.
New Posts  All Forums: