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I've already posted my thoughts on your socks. I think they're too matchy-matchy.
Too country.
Might want to...https://www.chefsteps.com/activities/reconstructed-roast
Right, because the majority is always right, especially when it comes to dressing well.
The tie is too "city" and makes this ensemble incoherent in my perception. Beautiful jacket!
I didn't "thumb-up" his fit because of the vest. Dressing is like writing: don't add unnecessary things to it.As much as I enjoy your style, I really hate your tie knots. There, I said it.
That is great, The_Foxx! Very well done!
I was going to photoshop the same thing today!
I wonder if anyone else feels that the shirt should be more casual for this outfit to work or have I been over-analyzing this whole city/country thing.
Breakfast. The dish is called "The eggs scramble their forces to capture strategic shrimp reserves in the spinach fortress". Sous-vide scrambled eggs passed through a whipping siphon. Grilled shrimp on a bed of blanched spinach topped with honey-caramelized shallots and carrots.
New Posts  All Forums: