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Are those your dinners?!
Keep the FIH, just tie it better. The knot is too big/loose.
Mazel tov!
You don't have to. It's my purely subjective perception of it. I went back and looked at it again and still didn't like it. I tried to understand why... I think it's because it's silky and shiny and looks more formal like a grenadine in that ensemble than a casual knit. Again, this is not an objective critique by any measure.
I've already posted my thoughts on your socks. I think they're too matchy-matchy.
Too country.
Might want to...
Right, because the majority is always right, especially when it comes to dressing well.
The tie is too "city" and makes this ensemble incoherent in my perception. Beautiful jacket!
I didn't "thumb-up" his fit because of the vest. Dressing is like writing: don't add unnecessary things to it.As much as I enjoy your style, I really hate your tie knots. There, I said it.
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