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I wish I did that when I started in SF.
Clag, in terms of pocket squares, I was thinking something like this would work better: [[SPOILER]]
This made me laugh out loud in real life. A true lol. At least swap the pocket square for something somber.
I'm happy with my average-priced regular blender. I just can't make small batches there, so I needed a mini one. I think I'll buy the Bamix, afterall.
That's hardly a CBD shirt. It also doesn't go with the tie in pattern or color.
Yes, it is. But I love the outfit.
Great, thanks! I wish it were a little cheaper, but I'll probably have to bite the bullet, since I've tried three cheaper blenders so far and have been feeling a lot of frustration.
An immersion blender? I have a crappy Wolfgang Puck, don't like it at all. It doesn't "grab" the liquid well.
That makes sense. I have a question for you then. What's the best blender (or other device) to make small batches of sauces, emulsify dressings or help dissolve things like xanthan gum or agar agar in small amounts of liquid? I'm looking at the NutriBullet 600 or 900 right now.
So you cook this at home just for yourself? We cook fancy stuff at home every night as well, but you are on a different level. How do you find time for this?
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