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I can see that. The pattern might be too bold to wear with a sport coat. I originally designed that shirt to wear sans jacket.
May not be everyone's cup of tea. It was quite windy, so the pants are our of control.
Today. Pardon the quality.
Ravioli with goat cheese sauce and red caviar.
I wish I did that when I started in SF.
Clag, in terms of pocket squares, I was thinking something like this would work better: [[SPOILER]]
This made me laugh out loud in real life. A true lol. At least swap the pocket square for something somber.
I'm happy with my average-priced regular blender. I just can't make small batches there, so I needed a mini one. I think I'll buy the Bamix, afterall.
That's hardly a CBD shirt. It also doesn't go with the tie in pattern or color.
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