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Baked chocolate macarons over the weekend. First try and, my goodness, are they delicious!
Gorge is not low, thanks for the new photo. However, the jacket is mighty ugly.
The gorge is very low or is it the photo? I can't tell.
This is much better. Now focus on getting some shirts with wider collars.
It wasn't ALL over the place, but the shirt and tie (although perfectly fine by themselves) did not look good together. Whether you agree or not is immaterial. What is important is whether you respect the collective opinion of this forum or not.
I was just kidding. I know you were as well. Although, still pretty damn stupid.
It's weird but I really like it.
Meh, I didn't really look and now I feel ashamed. I hope that's enough for you people that you've made me feel this way!
Completely pointless feature, imo, unless your pants' waist is a size or more off.
You can thread the tongue of the belt buckle through it to prevent the belt from moving up or down.
New Posts  All Forums: