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Is this difficult to make? I have a lobster tail that I could experiment with.
Spring attitude, never mind the over 30 degree weather.
I mostly have cotton jackets and pants. So, here's a 100% cotton suit:
Some of the best galleries there, although I may be influenced by romantic associations.
I'm sorry. What size are you? I'll gladly unload you of any Boglioli as it's my favorite brand.
I don't know your situation. Maybe you're ready for bespoke, maybe not, only you can know. And when you know it, you know it. You'll know exactly what you want and why. If you're not sure yet, then skip it.If your build is normal and you're willing to spend over a thousand on a suit or SC, then you have many options. You can find a store that carries expensive brands and try things on. Buy something that fits and feels good, then spend another $100 on tailoring it and...
A little tight in the waist?
It's a mistake to jump into bespoke, especially not local bespoke, before you're experienced enough in menswear. If you know exactly what your style is down to the shape of your shirt collars and the ideal width of ties and jacket lapels, if you know your measurements and have been successful with online MTM shirts, if, most importantly, your style hasn't changed in the past year or two, then you're ready to spend the big bucks on bespoke. This is my personal opinion,...
What exactly is the reason for you to go expensive bespoke? Especially if it's not local?
EFV for the win. I love the outfit too, even though the bow tie is a bit skimpy.
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