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You haven't learned anything, have you?
Word! LA does suck, but mostly because of the weather. I fail to see how San Diego is better than LA.That's because of the tie and the pocket square, man. Your suits are wonderful, but you keep coming up with these tie-shirt-ps combinations that don't look good.
The pattern is too close. This would be good with the charcoal suit that you have. The way it is now it doesn't work at all.
If I have to squint to tell where the suit ends and the shirt begins it's a bad fit.
Great, but next time just wear a white linen tv-fold.
You look great. Personally, would look even better with a FIH knot.
Oh God, that movie... Can you explain to me what it was about?
There, fixed that for you.
I am not a fan of this jacket. It's too busyIt could be simpler (no gold buttons, no flap pockets, no thick piping) and looks dated. I'd like it better if it had softer shoulders and less obnoxious buttons. Also, preferably, simple patch pockets.
That's why you educate her on men's clothing before the wedding. It takes a while, though.
New Posts  All Forums: