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Leftover Korean food + leftover meat from 4th of July = Kimchi burger on a brown rice bun.
Beautiful tartare! ^^^ Made sushi tonight.
Inappropriate but fun tie day.
And too tight.
Could you, please, recommend some simpler sauce for the lobster tail? I usually blanch/sous vide them with butter and make a white wine/mushroom risotto. I have some hollandaise that I made about 2 weeks ago, but I'd love to try something more interesting.
It's not complicated, but it's a pain in the ass to make. I do have everything besides lobster heads. Can I make the same broth with shrimp and lobster tail shell?
Is this difficult to make? I have a lobster tail that I could experiment with.
Spring attitude, never mind the over 30 degree weather.
I mostly have cotton jackets and pants. So, here's a 100% cotton suit:
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