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Definitely my favorite brand, 3/4 of my jackets are Boglioli. I'm glad you found out about it.
Love the shoes-pants combo!
It's a good deal if the shirt fits you well and the tie is beautiful. However, focus more on the fit, look and quality of the item than the brand name.
I like it!
Maybe no pocket square? Also, given the boldness of the jacket, why not go for a bold and loud pocket square as well? You aren't going to tame the jacket by using a white tv-fold. Go all out!
Haha, thank you! It's hard work and dessert control.
I love me some tight jackets!
It's white pants day!
It's white pants day!
Leftover Korean food + leftover meat from 4th of July = Kimchi burger on a brown rice bun.
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