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TTS for the length, correct.
Close, but slightly tighter in the arch. I can tell, because there's more of the tongue showing on the AS. If anything, I'd say the Weybridges are definitely a D, while the AS may be between a D and a C.
Bought these a couple years ago, but never worn them. They are in great condition and have many years of life left in them. Shipping to CONUS: +$10, contact for overseas quote.
These were bought a few years ago and I've worn them many times. Unfortunately, they give me blisters, so I have to sell them. In my opinion, they are the sleekest, best looking AE shoes. They have a lot of life left in them because I care well for my shoes. Bought them from Nordstroms for $325.
It pains me to sell this jacket, but it's too large for me. The color is strangely versatile. The unstructured jacket feels more like a cardigan with its soft shoulders. The material is 100% cashmere; it's soft and warm, yet won't make you sweaty in warmer months. Simply one of the best jackets that I've handled. True size 40US. Very casual and very stylish. Made in Italy. Measurements: Shoulders: 18.25 BOC: 29 Chest: 22 Waist: 20 Sleeves: 26.5 Shipping in CONUS: +$10....
PRICE DROP!!! Great jacket for sale. The brand is Pringle of Scotland, but it's made in Italy. Go figure... It is unlined and half-canvassed with slightly padded shoulders. The jacket is made from 100% wool and the pattern is a dark gray prince of wales check. Size stated is 50, but it fits like a 48 (US38). It fits me pretty well, but I've only worn it 3 times in the past so many years. Therefore, it is time for it to find a new owner. It's an amazing jacket - beautiful,...
Of course you're right. That's the most sensible thing to do. I'd say exactly the same thing too.
I appreciate the comments about the shirt. I've tried a solid one before (obviously). It worked as well, yet felt subpar. This jacket is so loud, that I have a hard time pairing it with subtle elements all around. It stands out too much. I liked the latest attempt the best, because the loud shirt draws some attention from the jacket. In fact, one thing I would do differently would be to use a patterned silk pocket square puff instead of a white linen fold.
Another try with this very loud jacket that I've struggled to wear in the past. I think I got it right this time. What do you think?
It's still hard for me to believe how much better you look now, both physically and stylishly. Really, another compliment and acknowledgement of your achievements will not hurt, right?
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