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In LA I've used 3 places. 1. Paul at Wilshire tailors - best recommendation. 2. Abi at Alandales in Culver City - very high quality alterations, but takes his time. 3. Ali at Lizon Tailors - fast turnaround, low prices, decent quality.
Look for some Boglioli. They'll be what you need. Most of my casual jackets are made by them.
Get a custom made at any one of the online or local MTM places if you have time.
Needs to be a little tightened around the waist and back. The sleeves need a little shortening and, MAYBE, narrowing. Otherwise, it fits well. The belt sucks.
I really like this.
My gf and I enjoyed a few restaurants in Paris. Of course, you'd better ask Fuuma, he actually lives there... Je The... Me: best duck either of us tried. La Regalade: we had an amazing brunch there, I can only imagine the dinner. Le Colimacon: we stayed around the block, so decided to try this place one night. It was very delicious. Brocéliande: marvelous, imaginative crepes, great for lunch around the Moulin Rouge. Chez Denise: one of our favorite cheap places that we...
I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts today. (I hate LA weather. Because of it I never get to wear any good clothing.)
heldentenor, your reoccurring problem is the pocket square. Swap it for a white and you've got a winner.
Well, they are to some extent, but they're not infinitely casual. If you want it to be more acceptable with wrinkled chinos, swap the gold buttons for something more casual. Overall, the formality of your outfit varies from piece to piece, so it ends up looking somewhat disharmonious.
The tie is pretty formal, the shirt is not. The blazer is pretty formal, the pants are not. I'm not even going to get into color coordination issues. I like the glasses!
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