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at 6'10" what size do you wear?
Try the sifr ones. We've been making them for over 7 years now. The folks on Reddit love us!
Try the sifr tees. They make a beanstalk (tall tee) version as well.
Hey Jacob, We use a Premium Pima Cotton. As far as I know, James Perse does not use that specific type of cotton. Also our choice of Lightweight fabric (only 110 GSM) make the tees as light as possible while still sturdy and non-translucent. Hope that helps. I'm Suraj and I come back every now and then.
Yeah it's quite difficult to wear so it's difficult to sell in Singapore. Some of the stuff in there is pretty light which is more ideal for this region.
The new styles are great. Major props to you guys for carving out a nice niche with your product. Totally wished our store had jumped on these before!
That's so funny, I made the same exact color for our brand as your peach one.
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