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$20 & $10 drops on all.
All of these were bought here on SF. Happy to provide references as I've bought a ton over the past year here, but sold little. Have a 1200+ 100% feedback rating on ebay (shirazaddict). All prices are shipped w/paypal personal payment to me. Images are from the original seller & I can email new pics but all of my pics are 3-4 megs per pic, so can't upload here. Black C&J Edgware, calfskin, 348 last, Size 12E---fits like a US 13C/D (bit snugger than a US 13D in the...
Bump for a great seller. That 16 Kiton is sweet.
Ralph Lauren Purple Label POW Check 100% Cashmere SC 38R BNWT I have this SC & it is beyond fantastic---the hand on it is just unbelieveable. One note though---the shoulders are heavily padded near the seams----b/c of my build (ex collegiate swimmer) I had my tailor remove the padding & that can help considerably if it seems too narrow/tight/high in the shoulders.
When you tire of the Zenith in 2 weeks, like the Pan, PM me & I'll likely buy it from you for 80% of what you paid. Go with the GO. Or wait for the IWC.
I have a pair of these & they are VERY nice. Mine are 12D as well, but I'm a 13D in AE/Alden & Ferragamo out of the box, and 11.5 Cheaney/12D Lobb/12G RM Williams---all with a bit of stretching by cobbler in the toe area on my left foot. Length on these is good for a 13, depending on how wide your forefoot area is.
Chest & sleeve measurements? Thanks!
Sole measurements? If memory serves Florsheims tend to run a bit tight? I'm a 13D in almost everything (Alden/AE/Ferragamo)---fear is that they are going to be way too tight.
These would be just shy of a US 12.5D. I wear 13Ds in Alden, AE, Ferregamo, and 12D in RLPL (English made & some Italian made (usually need to have them stretched in the toes), and Lobb 12's are just a tiny bit tight on me (stretching in the toes & they are fine).
Find some of these in 12s & you'll have a buyer here.
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