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Just get a moderntailor shirt. Cheap prices, nice shirts, I seriously doubt I will buy shirts anywhere else ever again, unless I see a brioni or a borelli, kiton, etc for under 50 bucks.
LAeyeworks does indeed have some that are at least close. I just wonder if they are sold in detroit anywhere.
I will message Baron, and I also thought they might be Ray-Bans, regardless I need them, or something similar, I am checking eye works right now.
<---------210 pounds, with a humungous ass and i post on here. I just think slim fit, and low rise, flat front looks gay as shit as does my brother who is the same height and 40 pounds skinnier. hate to tell you guys, you dont look sophisticated in that, you look like a 12 year old gay boy.
Who makes glasses like these? I looked on lenscrafters and cant find any like these, I want these. Brands anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by George STFU you=euro? yea most likely
try this look
kwame in court, i mean of course he is in prison now, and also facing another 30 years or so for federal crimes, but yea, great court style.
Apparently you guys have never been to detroit, where our mayor goes to court in fedoras, double windsor knots, french cuffs with gold and diamond cufflinks, and of course gator shoes. the mayor isnt the only one to dress like that either at court, 36th district is entertaining, you see purple suits, and everything going in there.
God why do people like paisley? Shit is awful.
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