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Wait, people are saying these were never "fashionable"? I rememvber during like the 89-1992 a lot of people in my jr high wearing these, even when it wasnt snowing. I rememvber these and ll bean nylon backpacks as like some of the more popular items during jr high.
Funny, i just bought a pair of duck boots. I had no idea they were in style, i just used to wear them in jr high, and decided i wanted another pair.
where are the descriptions of different types of lacing? I just lace my shoes up normal, probably, ruining them all.
Yes, we are business formal except fridays and between memorial day and labor day, but hiring a consultant is just weird.
Those are nice too. Money isnt too much of an issue for these type frames, insurance covers 100% up to 250 bucks and 20% after that.
Is it me or does this jacket seem very long, or is it just the fact it buttons up so high? Any other opinions?
Quote: Originally Posted by potemkin_city_limits Funny how much of an emphasis you put on how fat the girls you dated were. It really makes it sound like you would date some girl who you actually dont find attractive just so you can save a few bucks, which in turn makes you sound like a dickhole. I bet your current girlfriend is also fat and now your trying to justify it because its not the social norm. Yea, no she isnt, my current...
yup pretty sure they are RB wayfarers, which seem to be only 100 bucks for the frames. LAst pair of glasses I had were like 500 for the frames, this is great.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster uh, does the word prostitute come to mind? I think you are confusing the word "prostitute" with the term "Playa for real". Hahaha, no seriously, who cares. Is it really that big of a deal? I mean honestly do you really get offended, or are you just upset that you could not get the same discount? I don't do this anymore (only because I am in a monogomous relationship), but at 23 years...
I see nothing wrong with this. I used to bang a slightly overweight girl back in college so she would let me use her nordstrom discount. Banged a really fat girl when I was 18 cause she worked at the liquor store and would give me free cases of beer and multiple bottles of liquor. I used to flirt with the girl at the godiva store, when I worked at a dell kiosk in the mall during college, because they would throw the chocolate covered strawberries out at the end of the...
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