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Quote: Originally Posted by luzer i just purchased my first pair of aldens from Moulded. great guys. a long-wing modified last, 587. pictures below. i have a narrow heel, apparently. the modified last started as an orthopetic thing, apparently. ---------some info about the modified----------- barrie modified LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND 587 Brown 588 Black In Stock AA\t9-13 A\t8-13 B\t8-13 C\t7 1/2-13 D\t6 1/2-13 E\t6...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar A concealed carry permit? Is it coming with a licence to kill ? Spelling and majoring in english gets you a job as an admin assistant. math, and statistics gets you my job. Ill stick with mine.
carry it on your hip under the suit jacket, sorta like a detective. CZ 75. Just wondering how you match it to your belt.
would have never guessed they sold isaia, thanks though, time to look for a suit.
I recently got a concealed carry permit, my question is, should my holster match my belt or does it matter? Are there any holsters in shell cordovan?
I never tuck in, not as comfortable when i am kicking ass.
what is STP? dont see anywhere in the affiliates that could be a STP
Quote: Originally Posted by jaymanjones I think you may all have misunderstood what I mean by "nightclub"... Without being too blunt, Im talking about going to an exclusive club, on a vip table, and a bill that will most likely total over £2K. And here's me attempting to be modest... fights never occur in vip, some clumsy drunk whore never spills a drink over you in vip, no one smokes in vip. Guy i work in finance, I did clubs when I...
Seriously, why would you wear a nice suit to a place where you will probably have a drink spilled on it, come out reaking of smoke, possibly get in a fight. Suits=office wear. $5 dollar white t shirts from the corner store, and jeans from the slae rack and air maxes=club attire.
suit in the club period=douche. its always people who dont wear suits to work that wear them to the club. if the club wont let me in in a t shirt, and air maxes, im not goin.
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