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Word, never knew that. I buy all mine at nordstrom rack for 14 bucks, and they are all combination. I wonder if it matters that much.
Quote: Originally Posted by HPress You sound like a really nice guy! Welcome to DETROIT!!! We are all nice!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 the dumbitude is a pretty bad con damn never heard this rule, but im 30, and my girl is 22, just barely within it!!
better not be by girlfriend!!! she goes to a CC and is mixed!!!
Word, I have owned a 3 button in the past, but only 1, and this one just seems like it buttons up very high. I used to only button the middle button on a 3 button. What do you mean by a stubby lapel? I personaly like the color, as you can see by my sig, im looking for a light grey suit.
What is wrong with combination? All my shoe trees are.
word bout to buy some
what is mw?
Quote: Originally Posted by djnick Zegna is the sweet spot for price/quality I agree.
I love buying expensive shit when I look like a bum. Frankly, I do it a lot because when I am not at work I always look like a straight bum in sweats and or shorts, with some airmaxes on. Some clerks still give you the time of day, and others do not. IF they don't I usually don't buy anything from them.
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