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Quote: Originally Posted by detroiter I personally like brioni's the best because i can always find them at last call for 63 or less (90 + 30% off). Usually can find ricci's for that price too, but they seem waaaaaaaayyyy too wide, brionis i believe are like 3.25, but those ricci's have to be damn near 4". I take this back, i bought my first Ricci tie yesterday, and it is not at all too wide, only paid 49 for it too.
any other ideas for this? Magic reweavers doesnt seem to be around anymore? dshin, any help? I will glady drive to ann arbor.
I have a nice 6 or 7 hundred dollar purple label cashmere i used to wear with no undershirt, and yea i got deodorant stains all over it, not to mention some moths ate it up. I wish i could find a place to reknit sweaters in detroit, but i dont think there are any.
Here are more of my thoughts. You wont get more ass in a club wearing a kiton suit, than you would in a polo shirt jeans and tennis shoes, if you are good looking and have game. Other guys notice your gear more than girls, girls dont give a fuck about that shit. Frankly, when i have gotten bottle service and run up 5 figure tabs in a club (expense account of course, would never run up even a 4 figure on my own dime), the quality of girls i got was no better, than when i...
wait isnt there a RL store in southcoast plaza? PRetty sure there is, guess i have been to that one too.
We have both in the detroit area, outlet and regular, rl stores are always a huge amount of rooms, all done in dark wood, and the outlets are always jut big stores. Some of the things i see in the stores i have not seen in other places, though some things i have. I am only familiar with the RL stores in manhattan, chicago, and detroit though.
Damn, my girlfriend almost bought a very similar sweater at the Ralph Lauren outlet yesterday, doubt that it is, but the one she was looking at was damn similar in a womens style.
I have wondered the same thing about braces, I am 30, but I am a banker so I think it could work. Id saw it probably depends on the profession, and where you are wearing the suit. IF you are a banker or in investment management, or an attorney you could pull them off. Working in IT or as an engineer, i think it would be odd.
I had 3 suits, but wore out the pants on a burberry I had. Now I am down to a solid navy Zegna, and an old hugo boss in dark gray. Most suits i tend to find that fit my budget (around 800 or so at a discount place like off fifth whatever) tend to be slimmer cut isaia with flat fronts, or something like that. I am 6' 1" and around 200 pounds which is around 25 pounds overweight for me. Even when i am skinnier I have a huge ass, and child bearing hips, so flat fronts...
Copped these today, the red is steffano ricci the other 2 are brioni, the middle one is brown not a black as it somewhat appears, got all of them for 120 bucks total at last call
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