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ugly as fuck
rofl. I actually just put all my shoes in their dust bags yesterday, had never used them before.
I wasnt really talking about Last Call, but actual Neiman Marcus. Truth be told I don't think I have ever found anything at Last Call I liked for either child. Final Call sales at Neiman Marcus can be very cheap as well though. I did splurge once and buy my daughter some burberry rainboots at the burberry store. Generally though, for both boys and girls, I find ralph lauren outlets to be my cup of tea. Did buy the boy a wool jacket at off fifth last week though for...
Some polo stuff from yesterday.
Got a bunch of shit at the RL outlet yesterday for a song, like 3 shirts, and 1 sweater sorta shirt, and 1 hoody for 100 bucks total for a 2 year old boy. Nordstrom rack is always great, BB does have a line, but its damn expensive. Neimans actually has great stuff for little girls when you find it on sale, I have bought my 9 year old daughter a lot of stuff from there, also lilly pulitzer for little girls too.
Quote: Originally Posted by jaymanjones I have two degrees and I work. What the fuck do you have? Community college diploma?? You come see me when you've achieved something a little more impressive than acting like a badass on the internet in your parents' basement. There are community college's in the UK? Thought that was an american thing? I am wondering if you are even English. Anyway, no one that was really "born rich" goes around...
ok, ikea sells something like i am looking for, maybe i will just go with ikea, any other ideas?\\
I started checking around, it seems without a trace in chicago? Anyone used them before?
I am looking for a dresser, that has a built in valet or something similar? Something with compartments to store ties, cufflinks, shoe polish, collar stays, etc? Anyone know of anything?
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhoff How is the quality of Thomas Pink ties? I was at the Las Vegas store at The Forum Shops.... was tempted to make a purchase, but didn't know enough about their quality. I own one thomas pink tie, and frankly i think its cheap shit. I am no tie expert, but out of my 13 ties, i put it in the bottom three.
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