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I need a grey suit with pleats, size 54r EU, zegna or canali.
On second thought I dont know close up it looks much cheaper than the zegna i own already.
Not much info on the suits buying from Yoox. How can i tell if the suits are pleated or not? Some of the suits in the pictures, the jackets look to be cut super short, are these trendy slim fitted suits? or are these normal suits? I wear a 44r so obviously i cant do a slim fitted suit because im overweight, but I am really interested in this suit but an ultra slim cut and no pleats would be a deal killer for me
Suits are uncomfortable, if it was my choice, i would wear sweats to work for 12 hours, but since it is not, id like to at least look good while wearing a suit.
Been shoppin at Neimans since I was 5. Used to have ralph lauren competitions in 7th grade to see who could get the illest and most polo.
Break from shaving on days off? Rofl, I shave maybe 2-3 times a week, thats it, face cant handle anymore. Im a banker too, and wear a suit everyday to work, fuck em though, i get comments from people, but i hopefully will be leaaving within 6 months so wtf cares.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rufus I dont think everyone who is born rich is as modest as your friend. Paris Hilton comes to mind. Also in the same documentary you reference I remember another kid bragging about he could buy anyone, etc. You are right. However, I bet most people with real money, ie. 1 billion plus are more modest. Paris Hilton's family is not even worth that much, I am fairly sure she is now worth more than her parents...
The red one is a ricci i got yesterday, i love it, cant wait to wear it to work nexct week.
i bought a few ike behar shirts there like 8 years ago. A month or so ago they had some d&g shirts, and some other high dollar fashion brand, but nothing i was really into
I have mostly brioni ties, and no charvet's but i bought a ricci tie yesterday, and I love it. I dont think its tacky at all, in fact it might be my new favorite tie. I also agree about the brioni that had the little things that would secure to the button on your shirt, my first brioni tie ever had one of those (the metallic silver ones) and i have not had one with it since then.
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