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Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving FWIW, I don't think length of jacket is the main culprit. I was mostly sitting that evening. I actually spoke with her today, and we concluded these were the driving forces behind the "old man" comment (in order of impact) Dress slacks (vs. jeans, chinos, etc) Padded shoulders Not seeing/knowing men who dress beyond chinos/polos/buttondowns (except her grandfather) Further, I sent her the BB sportcoat...
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoMediaMan-27 uh, what? SPORT COATS ARE CORNY. Do you not get it? Chances are if you are mad, you are a corn.
Quote: Originally Posted by lou Trying to figure out what your primary language is, since English is obviously not it. As to sport coats being wierd, or cornball, I'll just disagree with your poorly stated opinion. I would not wear all of these coats, but would quite happily wear most of them. So you are correcting my English? That must mean you majored in English, and now wait...
Imo sport jackets are just corn is get rid of them. Dress well at work other than that wear sweats. Under 40 and in a sport coat= weirdo. Over 40 in a sport coat=cornball. A lot of folkson style forum are weirdos remember that before you rake their advice.
I live in Detroit.
I got my ass licked last night, no really I did.
Hey, I graduated from Ohio State not all that long ago. Who cares that sorority girls look the same, they drink cheap beer, and love sucking cocks, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time.
Camry, Accord. Why is this even a question?
Suits indeed are not that uncomfortable but when you wear them all day everyday you really long for comfort. i wear like none of my pools or jeans anymore cuz of this. after the suit comes off straight t shirt and gym shorts or sweats.
I have never owned a Ricci tie or any tie that came with a pin in the back of it, holding like 2 of the flaps together. Do I leave this pin in or take it out? Small gold pin? anyone know what I mean?
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