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Damn, is it sad I have been to court at both 26 and cal, and in 36 district in wayne county? And I am not even an attorney? As bad as detoit is wayne county jail is much nicer than the jail at 26 and cal. I would spend a month in wayne county before a day in cook.
Well, I will be wearing my new shoes to work tomorrow, and its 10:45 and i just polished off a bottle of wine by myself, they are not getting polished tonight!!!
I was under the impression Bush wore Brioni? On wikipedias webpage of Brioni it said he did.
My fur looks different though, mine is mink that looks like rabbit maybe?
I bought one of these when i wass like 13 in Eastern europe when there was a shitload of ussr army surplus floating around. I wear it in detroit all the time to work. it is a great conversation piece too since im very conservative and work for an even more conservative employer.
My first pair i got today.
I bought some new allen edmonds (my first pair) and also bought some of the premium shoe polish from the store, should i polish them before wearing them? I thought i had heard that you should do that somewhere before?
Nordstrom Rack 12.00 shoes trees FTW!!!! I buy all mine there.
Yea, if you are working in a prison, wtf cares how you dress. Just keep that shank sharp.
I own 2 Thomas Pink shirts i bought some years ago, and both were made in ireland. i was recently in the market to buy a new one, because i had a 50 dollar gift card at macy's, and noticed the thailand shit, I passed, and gave the card to my girl.
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