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Bump, check for any of the suits with pleats on the pants? I am dying to buy a suit!!!!!!! You are going to make me overspend at neimans or saks!!!
soho in a 10E please.
Quote: Originally Posted by eHaberdasher Some have pleats - what size are you and I can point out which ones... oh shit, forgot to check back on this board. do you still have any with pleats? I am a size 44r usa, and a 54r eu
Damn, just checked out those Caruso suits too, and they seem to be very nice for the price. I would have bought one, but flat fronts are a deal breaker for me. If you get any suits in around the 500-700 range with pleats, let me know please I will buy at least one, maybe 2.
Damn, I wanted a Borelli shirt, but they are right under 150.
I am looking for any of those brand name shirts in a 16.5. These shirts must have at least a spread collar, but preferably a cut away type collar. Both button and french cuff are fine. These also must be NWT.
I am looking to buy a Zegna Suit, either grey or navy, various patterns or stripes are fine. I need the suit in size 54R European, and it must have pleats. Single or triple, or box pleats, but pleats are a must. I am willing to pay up to 700 Shipped within the United States.
soho and evanston 10E
Title says it all, looking for much lower than retail obviously.
Park aves do have an extremely low instep. I find that AE's do not fit me comfortably except for the 8 last.
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