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Why was I just charged sales tax? I do not remember my last order being charged sales tax.
Is there any place to find crockett and jones at a discount? I would love a pair of clifford's but 600 is more than I am willing to pay atm.
works now, weird
Styleform code is not working for me? Says please contact our service for more information?
I live in Detroit. The funny thing about Detroit is, people think they are dressed to a T, but they look absolutely like clowns, with 5 button suits, white suits with pinstripes, suit pants that are so big in the leg you could fit a rocket launcher in your pants, and of course a Fedora (I mean this is Detroit). Now, basically that is how black folks dress. White folks dress even worse, cheap suits, and button collar shirts worn with a tie and suit. I vote Detroit...
Bump, check for any of the suits with pleats on the pants? I am dying to buy a suit!!!!!!! You are going to make me overspend at neimans or saks!!!
soho in a 10E please.
Quote: Originally Posted by eHaberdasher Some have pleats - what size are you and I can point out which ones... oh shit, forgot to check back on this board. do you still have any with pleats? I am a size 44r usa, and a 54r eu
Damn, just checked out those Caruso suits too, and they seem to be very nice for the price. I would have bought one, but flat fronts are a deal breaker for me. If you get any suits in around the 500-700 range with pleats, let me know please I will buy at least one, maybe 2.
Damn, I wanted a Borelli shirt, but they are right under 150.
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