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Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I bought a navy Hickey Freeman Presidental suit there for $600. It's been my go to conservative suit for 3 years. That was probably the best thing I've found there. how do you know what a presidential HF is? does it say on the tag?
I have black spots and streaks on my allen edmonds brown shoes after polishing, and they wont go away. I used the allen edmonds shoe polish, but there are a few streaks and spots of black, that looks like caked in shoe polish maybe? how can i get rid of this black?
Ya I will definitely try them on first before purchasing. I would hope somewhere around here sells them, not in the city of course, but I would imagine somewhere in the burbs sells them. Regardless, I will contact them I guess.
Yes, very informative indeed. I will order a catalog. Where can I find out about local retailers? I looked on their website, but it only lists c&j stores. I am looking for something in Detroit (obviously) I know we have to have at least 1 store that might carry them.
So the website would say if it came in more widths than just the E? damn Are there any comparable shoes to the clifford wingtips around the same price from another brand possibly? I want to own my first english shoes and the cliffords seem to fit the bill, but no way I can wear a UK E.
Looking on the website, they say the clifford's come in width E, which i believe is a US D, correct? I wear a US E or a EE if it is available, does C&J make a US E?
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 C&J Clifford, a staple for those who love a fine wingtip: These shoes I mean i need them for less than 600 anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by forex These are nice,gnatty. On my list to get at some point Please anyone know if these are possible to get below the 600 retail? As in around 400 or less?
Is there any place to find crockett and jones at a discount? I would love a pair of clifford's but 600 is more than I am willing to pay atm.
I live in Detroit. The funny thing about Detroit is, people think they are dressed to a T, but they look absolutely like clowns, with 5 button suits, white suits with pinstripes, suit pants that are so big in the leg you could fit a rocket launcher in your pants, and of course a Fedora (I mean this is Detroit). Now, basically that is how black folks dress. White folks dress even worse, cheap suits, and button collar shirts worn with a tie and suit. I vote Detroit...
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