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My biz casual fridays consist of zanellas and a polo shirt. I get sick of suits and dressing up everyday, love wearing a damn polo shirt. At my bank you are not allowed to wear khakis for biz casual days.
I thought you shouldnt wear loafers with suits anyway? I used to wear these ferragamo loafers with my suit, I feel like such a douche even wearing ferragamo loafers period now, muchless with a suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty You won't find any of those brands in any of the midwest (IL or Mich )NM last call outlet stores. Gurnee Mills had Borelli and some Lobbs (2 or 3 pairs) when they first opened. This year the only high end shoes I saw were a few pairs of alligator shoes. The store in Mich has not had any good shoes in the last 4 or 5 years. shoes suck at michigan, but I was just there, and they had a lot of brioni and...
My father closed a deal today where they sold 900 million worht of his companies assets to a PE group , and the press release was today. Emailed him this deal, and told him it was much more important than his deal. after he emaile dhte press release of their deal, he emailed me back and called me a fag for even caring. rofl, i thought it was funny.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Try Filene's. The one by me is ALWAYS flooded with Zegna's. Not at B&S prices, though. Maybe 50-60% off. I used to always buy clothes at filenes (borelli and brioni shirts, loro piana, etc) when i lived in chicago, unfortunatelly I live in detroit now, and we dont have them here.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff It's called "patina", and it's part of the attraction of brown shoes. Really? I will post pics tomorrow sometime.
Damn thats a nice shoe, I hope to get my first quality shoe like a vass or a c&j or EG within the next few months. Moved from cole haans and bruno maglis to allen edmonds hopefully to vass, etc next.
I personally like brioni's the best because i can always find them at last call for 63 or less (90 + 30% off). Usually can find ricci's for that price too, but they seem waaaaaaaayyyy too wide, brionis i believe are like 3.25, but those ricci's have to be damn near 4".
NEver seen a zegna at nordstrom rack, wish I would though because i need a new suit badly.
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack here ya go Thanks, does look like a very nice suit. I am in the market for a suit for around 800, maybe ill check nordstrom rack this weekend. How is the quality of non presidential HF? I have previously owned a hugo boss that is ehhh, a burberry i liked but wore out very quickly, and a zegna i picked up for around 750 that i absolutely love. ...
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