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Quote: Originally Posted by patrick_b In a forum sparring match, once a participant makes reference to salary, refers to something different as 'gay' (without a hint of sarcasm) and/or calls an opponent "guy, bro, chief," etc., it's just plain sad on so many levels. Nicely done, detroiter. What are you talking about? You must be on drugs. Reference to salary. I could be an analyst for a lower mid market fund or a MD for TPG you moron,...
And he looks damn corny if you ask me. Dunno wtf jack white is.
Just showed those to a few girls, they said those guys looked gay.
True, I should go buy a sport coat, and look super dapper.
Just goes to show, you have no idea what I dress like, or wear.
I can afford a better neighborhood. I choose to live here. I work in private equity guy I can easily live anywhere I want.
I neeed a reweaver for a bunch of cashmere sweaters that were killed by moths.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty You are saying every black man in Detroit that's older than 30 is gay? They all wear dry-cleaned jeans with Stacy Adams or Mauri gators How would you know? I live in the city of detroit, and they dont. Its rock and republic jeans or true religion jeans, and prada high tops, with a v neck polo sweater. Only guys over 50 wear mauri's anymore. Now its all Pradas and guccis.
Uhhhh I work in a business formal environment and it drives me nuts what women get away with in business formal situations too, half of them dont even wear a jacket to work. I am used to it though because I went to catholic school growing up, and the shit the girls got away with wearing compared to the boys used to drive me fucking nuts, I gave up on complaining about that shit 15 years ago.
I am in business casual right now as it is friday. My wardrobe consists of a ralph lauren polo shirt, some armani black label slacks, ferragamo belt, and some bruno magli sorta slip on type shoes with rubber soles, ultra comfortable.
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