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Try smoking weed, then smoke a cig right after and it will be the most discusting thing you've ever tasted. Trust me, I got high my first time last month and I haven't smoked since!
Rolling Rock and PBR
$4.72 at Starbucks for a caramel frapp
What do you all think about the Carhartt coats? Post pictures if you have any
Are there any ways or techniques that I could use to soften my beard hair? I just recently started letting my facial hair grow and its not as soft as I'd like it to be.
Quote: Originally Posted by Omega Man Don't think it's wisdom teeth related. Stomach flu? Mild case of food poisoning? Yeah, she works at Taco Mac so when she eats their food, her stomach is usually upset. She said it started after eating a salad that night. Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher (1.) Women can appear to have a period but still be pregnant. Get a test. (2.) From what I know -- and I'm not a dentist, but...
How's it going guys! My girlfriend has been having issues with feeling sick lately and we think it may be linked to her wisdom teeth growing in. On Saturday morning (around 1:15am), she vomited and had been complaining about her stomach feeling unsettled. Since then she has been experiancing nausea and has had the feeling that she can't keep her food down. Has anyone been sick due to their wisdom teeth coming in? She'd just gotten off her period the day before, so we...
So what about cold showers for the guys who spend their winters in colder climates like Colorado?
Quote: Originally Posted by chentwoten Pics of the khaki 501stfs Are they a boot cut fit or standard? How's the wear been on these jeans, because the last Levi's I purchased began to fade after the first wash.
Met my girlfriend during my 9th grade year in high school when I hit her with a ping pong ball. 12th grade year, we decided to give "us" a try
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