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SOLD pending payment I bought this jacket from Fuji but sadly it does not fit me. So I'm reselling for same price of $500 shipped within CON-US. I will use Fuji's description: Tom Ford suede herrington lined in very soft leather. Brand new without tags, size 36. Jacket has ventilation holes under the armpit on each sleeve, they are not tears, they are finished around the edges. Just as nice as the last one, tags are also cut to prevent returns. Made in Italy,...
PM sent on suede harrington
Is the banded single rider in production?
Use a good conditioner.
Yeah, a 40 with 18 pit to pit? Kind of wierd. Some fit pics be nice.
I saw this at the rodeo store... I think if this was a peacoat or a mid thigh length coat it would be alot better. I think it's a little bit "too much" as a full length coat.
email sent
What's the avail on grey leather DRs?
8 - 8.5 - 9 here
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