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Bump — anyone?
HI, I have a polo with a thin strip as a collar. Please see attached image. Unfortunately the shop I got it from no longer stocks it. Do you guys know any where I can get something like this? Thanks in advance. 
Guys, Dont know if I'm overreacting on this but I was absolutely shocked at how a sales assistant handled my presale question. This is in reference to a new tailor that opened in Sydney called Zimma. They have a web presence maintained by the complex they are in (or sort of, they are near the Ivy which is run by Merivale On the site they list they they are opened until 8pm on a Thursday. I took time out during work at...
Do we know if they are fused or canvased and at what prices they usually run for? I was in Shanghai at a Lagerfeld boutique and the price was around $2000 USD.
Thanks guys. Forgot to mention that I am in Australia. Not sure if these brands are available here?
Any comments on these? I'm looking to get some polos that: are of acceptable quality do not show the brand too obviously are somewhere between slim and normal fit Will the RLBL polos meet these requirements? Anyone have any other suggestions? Cheers
I am interested in this too. Can anyone post up some photos?
Quote: Originally Posted by Petrus III It's probably real but it's from their cheaper line and these things sell for about $700 new and not on sale in their shops. I'd stay away from ebay because 99% of it is amateurs and kids who pick stuff up and then try to resell it. Why would you want to go through the hassle of dealing with these people when you can buy most of these things from a reputable...
Quote: Originally Posted by PLaydice buy it from a burberry outlet guy. 449 is not a steal. I'm in Australia and I have a feeling this is actually a good price given the current exchange rate.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint real Thanks, but would you elaborate a little? What features in those pictures show that it is real?
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