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So, a fused garment with a "modern" cut?
I've never bought anything Versace; but, I need a cheap (but respectable looking) tux for a couple of upcoming weddings. Anyone know anything about this Versace line?
Quote: Originally Posted by I. Gentantithesis (Is this 'Inner Circle" bunch self-anointed or elected? Is there an initiation? Do they wear special regalia trimmed in ermine? Are they grandiosely self-delusional? Do they get the purdy gurl cheerleaders like the Hitler Youth jocks in teen movies? Are they all Skull & Boners? Is there a secret handshake? 34th Degree? Are hoi polloi S-Forvmites required to prostrate themselves before an 'IC' when...
Raglan, thank you! So, are we for or against these?
I dont know the correct name for this type of shoulder. The seams run diagonally untill they reach the armpit, so there is no armhole per se. What are your thoughts on this type of shoulder? Does it fit certain body styles more appropriately? Pic isnt great sorry about that..
I wear lots of charcoal and navy, I have a hard time matching the brown overcoat with a navy suit... It always looks great casual with jeans, but I find it difficult with the more formal colors...
I have been using my cashmere overcoat for four winters on a daily basis. Its fine it at most half way through its life, meaning that you should get at least 8 years out of a good coat...
I know this is kind of a ridiculous question, but, I'm having a hard time matching my Brown Cashmere Overcoat with other items. What colors does a brown overcoat work well with? Thanks for all input!
Brioni. Zegna Couture.
The huge thread on Toronto MTM got me wondering if anyone would like to have a discussion about similar options in Montreal... Has anyone had experience with Bespoke or MTM in Montreal? If so, where? And, what were/are your impressions?
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