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My first picture contribution to this thread. Didn't realize how hard it is to take a tie picture. Anyways, this was the tie that first picked my interest when I started following this thread. I'm still working on getting my knot as crisp and clean as PinkPanther.
I just looked inside the shoe, it does note number, 325. Thanks for that info!
Thanks Stevent for the info. JezeC, it price after the 30% off is $488. Burgundy calfskin. I have my eyes on the Ralph Lauren Marlow Short Wingtip Cordovan in dark brown (also made by C and J). However, this shoe seems a bit more formal due to the close lacing? Would you think this is a good substitute?
After reading the post above regarding the black fleece sale, I stopped by their store in San Francisco and was pleasantly surprised on the fit and finish of their OCBD shirts and picked up a few. Thanks for the heads up! I also eyed this shoe they had available. Can I get some opinions on this? Also, can someone help to identify the maker of this shoe/last below? It says it is made in the UK if this will help.
Thought I bump this thread as I have a similar situation and like some feedback. I'm eyeballing this Burberry Prorsum 2014 Biker Jacket. It is a bit more of a classic version than the original op's. I'm a size US 34, so hard to find these types of jacket off the rack. I do have a Schott Perfecto and had the arms shortened and slimmed, but still the armholes are rather low and still a bit bulky for my size. I like this Prorsum 2014 Biker Jacket as the arms are...
Very sharp! I would have never thought of this combination!
I feel exactly the same way. Pinkpanther's tie/outfit combo will do this to you. I've purchased many ties that I thought I could never use just by viewing his posts. He has a great eye for ties and outfits and you can't go wrong following his leads.
Really awesome PP!
Just awesome!
Great outfit PinkPanther! Just curious, do you wear coat and tie most days of the week?
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