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I recently got a pair of Superga 2750 which were too big. Then I went a half size down from the big ones and now the left shoe is a bit tight in the toe section (left foot is bigger). Will it stretch/get more room with wear?
Nice, have you seen them in stock anywhere at all? (any size)I know it's a collab, but why don't they keep making them if they sell good?
+1That is chestnut, right?
No, I have not heard from them yet... Maybe the'll lose a customer because of this - I might look for another option.
I've decided to buy the 256. Do you know where I can get one with added (257) handles, fair price and shipping to Europe? Thanks. Edit: I think I'll get it from Cranes. I have e-mailed them about how to proceed with payment for the added handles. Not sure of what color to get though...
I guess that's the owner of Sciamat. Correct me if I'm wrong.
A combined birthday/christmas present for her will be a compact digital camera.
Quote: Originally Posted by Incman I'm athiest, but I participate in christmas for the family and present aspects, just not the religious ones. Same as this
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