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Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie For calfskin. I think calf is now up to $440 - and as you know, it hard to get more than 10% off Aldens. I just bought a pair of suede bluchers for $374 (15% discount).
Quote: Originally Posted by Caveat It's waitlisted on Gilt so let me know if the link only works for me. This would be the only blazer in my wardrobe so I'm looking for a classic. http://www.giltman.com/s/personaloff...oduct/18952546 Good choice.
My guess is ~100 for the jacket and ~40 for the pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero You might be overestimating the degree to which he suggests they abandon the Evangelicals. It's quite possible he only wishes they would phase out the types of Republicans that openly embrace the concepts of a 4,000 years old earth or gays becoming so by choice, not necessarily that Republicans should start supporting stem cell research or gay marriage. .... or those that that think God told them to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton If the Republicans suddenly decided to cast out evengelicals, they would consign themselves to permanent minority status at best and, more likely, very swift doom. ... as opposed to their current state?
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater I hope this brings about some change in the Republican party. There are a lot of people that are hard working, tax paying, property owners who don't like the fact that the Democrats basically shill to unions, government workers, people on public welfare, etc. and rape the rest of us to pay for that shit, but can't stand to vote for Republicans based on social issues. I hope the Republican party cuts its ties with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum If you choose a conservative size for things such as lapel width, not too wide or too narrow, then there's no reason it should ever really look dated, unless men's fashion changes drastically and suits themselves become dated. I think even conservative suits look dated in 5-7 years. I was out shopping for a new one about 10 days ago - everything is 2-button and mostly side vented. About 5 years ago -...
Quote: Originally Posted by djs488 I have written a macro that, among other things, creates a number of charts and formats them specifically. When I step through the macro in debug mode through the problem area, everything works properly. However, when I actually run the macro the graphs are not formatted correctly. Ever seen macros behave differently while debugging than when run? Anyone know a solution? Using excel '03 btw. I have the same...
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnD356 Agreed, the price is great. I've heard good things about Barton and Donaldson, but never seen their work. Could you give me your impressions? Thanks. I really like the fit. The fabrics range from nice to excellent - selection is huge. The construction is excellent. The store smells musty.
My guess is that (outside the HK makers) you'll be hard pressed to get custom shirts in the $150 - $165 range net of all costs. Remember no tax in PA. The trial shirt is an experiment - the others aren't much of a risk in that sense. I use Barton and Donaldson and they are in the $225 to $275 range.
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