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I'd only wear it with a suit - but I think it's pretty nice in that context (assuming the fit works for you.)
Quote: Originally Posted by Rufus Thanks for the tip, I just went on timezone and someone is trying to sell one for 3995! Dosent have all the original docs though...as an inexperienced watch buyer should i be worried about this? They are also offering an extra steel bracelet that I have no interest in so i think i will offer them $3500, they keep the extra bracelet, and if that dosent work I'll just pony up to buy it new and pay extra for the piece of...
Basically Yes
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 why don't Rs do well in CT? bridgeport and New Haven I guess? they are the only real shitholes there that I know of. Rs generally don't do well in states that spend money on education or have high average SAT scores. I can't cite the study right now but there is an amazing correlation between SAT score and blueness. Perhaps running a VP candidate that couldn't speak in complete sentences tells you...
401k savings are intended to be withdrawn in retirement when your earned income would generally expected to the less than when you are working ergo lower marginal tax rate (assuming no change in rates)
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie For calfskin. I think calf is now up to $440 - and as you know, it hard to get more than 10% off Aldens. I just bought a pair of suede bluchers for $374 (15% discount).
Quote: Originally Posted by Caveat It's waitlisted on Gilt so let me know if the link only works for me. This would be the only blazer in my wardrobe so I'm looking for a classic. http://www.giltman.com/s/personaloff...oduct/18952546 Good choice.
My guess is ~100 for the jacket and ~40 for the pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero You might be overestimating the degree to which he suggests they abandon the Evangelicals. It's quite possible he only wishes they would phase out the types of Republicans that openly embrace the concepts of a 4,000 years old earth or gays becoming so by choice, not necessarily that Republicans should start supporting stem cell research or gay marriage. .... or those that that think God told them to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton If the Republicans suddenly decided to cast out evengelicals, they would consign themselves to permanent minority status at best and, more likely, very swift doom. ... as opposed to their current state?
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