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Recognize that I am on the aggressive side - but I keep 0.5% to 2% of my annual pre-tax income in the bank. I aggressively auto-debit the rest into various investments. I borrow from a personal credit line if I have a moderate crunch and liquidate in a bigger crunch. I would argue that this will force you to save more and spend less - but it is not a strategy for everyone. I have a good job and good job prospects (strong professional network including many that have...
Not a lawyer - but have done some expert witness work in my career. Found the whole process to be fascinating and adrenaline-filled. Money aside, some people would enjoy this - but not everyone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bhowie I don't see why solver wouldn't work. If you can write it well enough. Solver is designed to converge to a result; this problem really calls for a trial-and-error solution. So it may work but it may not.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lighthouse Let's say we have a bunch of invoices and we want to know if any combination adds up to a certain figure. Is there a way to do this? Solver perhaps? Solver really wasn't designed to solve problems like this but it may work. I have no elegant suggestion for your question - I am sure that there a more than a handful of brute-force approaches that will work.
I disagree - I just pucked up a pair of Alden captoes (my 6th - though 2 are from the Cap Cod selection). Also the owner of 2 C&J (1 benchgrade; 1 re badged RL) IMO: Alden > C&J
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff oh please...saks and an indvidual seller are two different things. I basically agree but in theory both are doing the same thing: selling merchandise so they have the same responsibility: to provide the merchandise that the customer ordered.
FWIW - The same thing happened to me when I bought a pair of EGs at Saks. I also wore them for a day before realizing that one of the shoes was a 1/2 size small. They "found" me the second shoe in the correct size - though the inside labels were different and the color of the leather was imperceptibly different. Anyway they made the exchange - no issues and gave me $100 store credit to boot.
Something about #1 doesn't look right to me. Could be lack of contrast in the outfit or low button stance. It might be OK for the office - but wouldn't wear it to a reception. #2 looks great,
Could you please provide widths. I am interested in the Atmosphere tie. Is it New?
Quote: Originally Posted by exchange239 Just thought I'd ask to see if how people have faired in negotiating watch prices at boutique stores (other than Rolex, which I hear often is a slim, if not nil, discount). I've had fair luck at the Omega boutique store in CA and at Tourneau (as a repeat customer) simply by asking about what retail price would be versus what the sales rep would be willing to negotitate to. Anyone else have any other success...
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