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Quote: Originally Posted by MasterOfReality I have a bit of an issue. I am going through geological logs that were logged in imperial units. I need to convert this to SI units. There are thousands of lines with distance measurements that are in feet and inches. For example each measurement, its actually typed into one cell as "208' 3"", instead of seperate cells for feet and inches. Short of copy/paste into a txt document and then re-importing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix You are missing something. What's a normal knot? Long or short, vertically? Skinny or fat? How much tie space do your shirts have? Do you want your knot to fill it up? What knot do you tie most often? If you tie a four-in-hand, do you want it more symmetrical or severely asymmetrical? If you tie a Windsor, do you want it wider than it is tall, or the reverse? Do you want a dimple or not? A sharply creased...
Quote: Originally Posted by void143 Hello texquire, –°an you please re-post before and after pics? It's really hard to beleive for me that pair of shoes can survive more than a season. Maybe that's climate issue (Russia) or personal wearing habits (lack of any good habits at all). I had bad experience with several rather expensive fashion shoes (KENZO, Pollini, Lloyd, etc) but now I'm going to buy something from list Allen Edmonds, C&J, Alden,...
Recognize that I am on the aggressive side - but I keep 0.5% to 2% of my annual pre-tax income in the bank. I aggressively auto-debit the rest into various investments. I borrow from a personal credit line if I have a moderate crunch and liquidate in a bigger crunch. I would argue that this will force you to save more and spend less - but it is not a strategy for everyone. I have a good job and good job prospects (strong professional network including many that have...
Not a lawyer - but have done some expert witness work in my career. Found the whole process to be fascinating and adrenaline-filled. Money aside, some people would enjoy this - but not everyone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bhowie I don't see why solver wouldn't work. If you can write it well enough. Solver is designed to converge to a result; this problem really calls for a trial-and-error solution. So it may work but it may not.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lighthouse Let's say we have a bunch of invoices and we want to know if any combination adds up to a certain figure. Is there a way to do this? Solver perhaps? Solver really wasn't designed to solve problems like this but it may work. I have no elegant suggestion for your question - I am sure that there a more than a handful of brute-force approaches that will work.
I disagree - I just pucked up a pair of Alden captoes (my 6th - though 2 are from the Cap Cod selection). Also the owner of 2 C&J (1 benchgrade; 1 re badged RL) IMO: Alden > C&J
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff oh please...saks and an indvidual seller are two different things. I basically agree but in theory both are doing the same thing: selling merchandise so they have the same responsibility: to provide the merchandise that the customer ordered.
FWIW - The same thing happened to me when I bought a pair of EGs at Saks. I also wore them for a day before realizing that one of the shoes was a 1/2 size small. They "found" me the second shoe in the correct size - though the inside labels were different and the color of the leather was imperceptibly different. Anyway they made the exchange - no issues and gave me $100 store credit to boot.
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