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I think the answer lies with the OFFSET function.
=subtotal(9, [range]) use the same formula for the grand total - it will ignore the intermediate subtotals
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip This mostly works except that the end result is still 12:02:15 A.M. Agree - though with the custom format it would just display as 2:15,
Quote: Originally Posted by Kajak Is it possible to make excel think that 2:15 is 2 minutes and 15 seconds, as opposed to 12:02:15 AM or 2:15 AM? I don't think so via direct entry. You could convert to a serial time by using a the following formula: (m + s/60)/(24*60) and then format the cell as mm:ss (Format - Number - Custom).
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar i have a list, say a thousand names. And one column specifies their city, another their birth month and another their mortgage payments. How can I calculate the 25th and 75th percentiles of the mortgage payments for each city and then birth month? I'd normally just pivot, but it only has min/max/average and I need percentiles. I can't think of a real elegant to do this. You could add columns for each...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I have a very long worksheet that I'm trying to sort in a specific way. Basically, each row is a company's name plus some other data. Each data point is repeated individually, with the company's name, in individual rows. I want to sort by frequency...so Company X, which is shown 15 times, should be on top of Company Y, which is shown only in 12 rows. But it seems the only way I Can do that is by doing alphabetical...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Many things are stupid however this doesn't remove the equalities. The MSM started referring to him as "W." Therefore, to refer to Obama as "H" is simply analogous. It's when you make asymmetrical comparisons that bias starts to show. GWB used W himself. Don't you recall the car stickers with a "W" and hats that said "W" "The President" Don't recall anything of the kind from BHO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kajak Ok, so I don't know if this makes sense/is possible but: I have about a dozen sheets with different test results for various subjects, formatted like A - name B - Year of Birth C - test result at time a (the top row is a series of dates) D - test result at time b and so on. Each sheet has a different test type, and each subject on the same row. Is there a way to make a new sheet for each subject, with the data...
Basile Reason: Construction / Value
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Is there a way to reference a cell within a formula in a truly relative fashion? By this I mean say you had SUM(B1:B7), but what you really wanted to do is not call cell B1 as the start of the range, but just call it in some way that means "from the cell in this row, but six columns to the left." 'm sure I've done that in VBE in R1C1 back in the day, but not from a cell formula. My boss needed to do that, and I figured...
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