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I like XMI ties (generally available at Nordstrom) in the midgrade range.
Quote: Originally Posted by runger I think that it makes more sense for me to go with something like an Oxxford MTM shirt for $200-$250 than to go with a bespoke shirt. If you are going to dropping that kind of cash - you might as well go bespoke. At this point - I just cant see myself ever spending $200 for RTW.
Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee Could you elaborate on your experience with B&D and what sort of fabrics are available? I am quite happy with my B&D shirts. I have 7 shirts from them and aside from 1 where the sleeves are a bit on the short side, I like them all. At this point, its unliklely that I would ever buy RTW. They do an especially good job with the collars - IMO. The stated minimum order is 4 shirts - but I think they will...
In Philly, I get shirts made at Barton & Donaldson which is "high-end" for Philly (I think) and generally pay $215 - $250 depending on fabric.
Over the past three years I have spent $4K to $6K per year on clothes, shoes etc. in order to build out my wardrobe. My guess is that I'll drop back closer to $3K now that most of that build out is complete.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Interesting. I wouldn't say that the C&J trees I bought with my handgrades are lasted. They did make true lasted trees for some limited edition shoes they made a few years ago, but those were pretty rare. Aren't C&J trees also waxed? This is contrary to the moisture-absorption purpose of trees. I also thought they were over $90, not $60.
What do you think of Gran Sasso (Italian) and A. Paine (English) (Hope I spelled those right). I have picked up one of each recently - like them both, but can attest to their longevity.
Quote: Originally Posted by scnupe7 I am selling the Grensons that I purchased from Bennie's last spring. They are brown captoes with very nice antiquing. Size 10D. The shoes are brand new and have never been worn. I asking $250 (plus shipping), which is what I paid. I will post pics later (hopefully tonight). PM me if interested Thanks Is that UK 10D? I am assuming this is US since standard width on UK shoes is an E. Pics...
Quote: Originally Posted by fatherseanfan Received mine in the mail today, excellent product at a great price. Thank you chorse123. Ditto + superfast service
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe there are a whole lot of italian shoe names starting with 'M' and ending in 'i'. I came to my opinion in the following ranking of the four italian shoe makers (not taking price into account, just quality): mantellassi martegani moreschi magnanni Magli? (Bruno) or as OJ would say Ugly-ass Bruno Magli
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