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I have used a tailor (the guys on the showroom floor - not sure if these are the same guys that do actually tailoring down below) at Boyds and asked them to do some tailoring on the side. His name was Gainni Russo.
Hi, I am a relatively light skinned Indian (from India - not Native American) with Black hair. I am confused for Hispanic and Italian. I think hair color matters as much as skin color. I think I look fine in browns - but awful in blacks and slightly lighter shades of grey. Blues seem to work best on me. Even a great suit - if not suited (pun intended) for the wearer will look awful. Rajesh
Quote: And what is the difference between automatic and mechanical? I thought they were of the same thing? I'm not 100% sure - but I belive that an "Automatic" movement self-winds with the motion of your wrist. A "mechanical" movement must be wound. You may want to look into Hamilton or Seiko watches. If you have to go Swiss, plan on spending at least $800.
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