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Quote: Originally Posted by masqueofhastur Is there something else I could do as well with at that price range? Not in my experience except perhaps at end-of-season sales.
I have their wool car coat. I like the styling and I think its a very good value, but definitely lower quiality than you will get with cashmere blends. Then again - it was only $160 and the wool cashmere blends that I like are typically $500 - $600.
Quote: Originally Posted by trajan What are the main objections against the quartz watches? --trajan I'd say its more like the diffiernce between a clip on and a real necktie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso There is no usual discount, much depends on the brand, model and the particular AD's policies. Most JLC's can be had for around a 25% discount from an AD, and a substantially greater discount on the grey market. Thanks - I was looking at buying from an AD. There are at least two ADs in the area - so I figure I should be able to play them off each other to get a reasonable discount. Appreciate the advice...
So what's the usual discount off MSRP on watches? I'm looking at a JLC with an MSRP in the $7K to $8K range. I'd buy at a speciality watch store.
Two new additions to the scene: 1) Thomas Pink (King of Prussia Mall) 2) Saks in Bala Cynwyd now has a Men's Department. (used to be a Women's Only store) Anyone check these out yet?
Quote: Originally Posted by trajan What do you think of this watch? http://www.prestigetime.com/item.php?item_id=523 Are there any similar watches in design with mechanical movement? --trajan I wouldn't drop over a grand for a quartz. Maybe look at Oris around that price.
I like XMI ties (generally available at Nordstrom) in the midgrade range.
Quote: Originally Posted by runger I think that it makes more sense for me to go with something like an Oxxford MTM shirt for $200-$250 than to go with a bespoke shirt. If you are going to dropping that kind of cash - you might as well go bespoke. At this point - I just cant see myself ever spending $200 for RTW.
Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee Could you elaborate on your experience with B&D and what sort of fabrics are available? I am quite happy with my B&D shirts. I have 7 shirts from them and aside from 1 where the sleeves are a bit on the short side, I like them all. At this point, its unliklely that I would ever buy RTW. They do an especially good job with the collars - IMO. The stated minimum order is 4 shirts - but I think they will...
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