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Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Are there any other tags on it, perhaps one with an RN number? If so you could run the number and see what turns up. Those are the sorts of tags that can easily detach with some wearing. Only a size tag and care tag - both of which look to be the original attachment. For what its worth - the care tag says made in UK and the Paul Stuart tag has "Made in England" at the top. So now I'm guessing that its...
I bought the following for $34.50 with shipping - so I'm not going to be overly bothered if it is: Paul Stuart Sweater Note the tag - it is detached and when I got it, it was reattached with a grey thread. That said - the sweater does look to be "Paul Stuart quality" and has a simillar fit to other items that I bought in the PS store. The seller has a good feedback rating. What do you think?
Both of my Canalis are labeled 52 7 L. I wear a 42 L. I am guessing the 7 is drop. "Corto" is Italian for Short so I assume that the C indicates a short suit and R a regular suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by masqueofhastur Is there something else I could do as well with at that price range? Not in my experience except perhaps at end-of-season sales.
I have their wool car coat. I like the styling and I think its a very good value, but definitely lower quiality than you will get with cashmere blends. Then again - it was only $160 and the wool cashmere blends that I like are typically $500 - $600.
Quote: Originally Posted by trajan What are the main objections against the quartz watches? --trajan I'd say its more like the diffiernce between a clip on and a real necktie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso There is no usual discount, much depends on the brand, model and the particular AD's policies. Most JLC's can be had for around a 25% discount from an AD, and a substantially greater discount on the grey market. Thanks - I was looking at buying from an AD. There are at least two ADs in the area - so I figure I should be able to play them off each other to get a reasonable discount. Appreciate the advice...
So what's the usual discount off MSRP on watches? I'm looking at a JLC with an MSRP in the $7K to $8K range. I'd buy at a speciality watch store.
Two new additions to the scene: 1) Thomas Pink (King of Prussia Mall) 2) Saks in Bala Cynwyd now has a Men's Department. (used to be a Women's Only store) Anyone check these out yet?
Quote: Originally Posted by trajan What do you think of this watch? http://www.prestigetime.com/item.php?item_id=523 Are there any similar watches in design with mechanical movement? --trajan I wouldn't drop over a grand for a quartz. Maybe look at Oris around that price.
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