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Is the cashmere you use 2-ply or greater?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pink22m I seriously doubt that. If anything, it would seem that shirts would last longer when worn with an undershirt, since they prevent your shirt from absorbing alot of the body odor from your body. Also, undershirts protect your shirt from potentially damaging deodorant. There isn't anything coarse about a soft white cotton undershirt, and I would wager that the *harmful* effects that might occur from the two shirts...
Shirt looks good to me. I used to wear undershirts - now I wouldn't dream of it. Unless you are a heavy perspirer - why would you want to replace the feeling of high thread count cotton next to your skin with that of an undershirt? Also - shirts will last longer if worn without an undershirt - the rubbing of the two layers will wear out your shirt.
Quote: Hmmmm... ...um, do all of you guys across the pond get your shirts laundered for you? This is really quite strange to me, as I'm quite sure we all wash and iron our own shirts at home. I am by no means a frequent European traveller - but have probably spent about 4 weeks total there on business in the last 10 years. I have noticed that Europeans wear shirts that would be regarded as slightly rumpled in the US. They would almost be unacceptable...
Quote: Finally, rajesh - is there any particular reason you think a higher button stance would work better?  (I'm curious, because I think you're right - I generally prefer a 3 button, ventless jacket, but I wasn't sure if it really looked better or not, and what made that the case - I should post pics in one of my other suits). I abide by Flusser's rule that attire should draw attention to one's face. With your height, I think the top button on a...
I am no expert - but I think a suit with a higher button stance would complement your physique better.
What condition are the Brionis in? - are they new?
I am selling a short sleeve Armani Collezioni Navy Blue polo shirt.  I bought this shirt last year at Neiman Marcus and have only worn it two or three times.  I still have the tag - including the spare button.  I must have been having a mid-life crisis when I bought it because it is totally the wrong style for an (almost) 35 year old father of two. It is made of 95% modal (which I understand is a natural fabric) - and 5% Spandex.  The fabric is showing a very small...
Sorry I meant to post this in the picture test area. Can someone delete this for me?
Can someone tell me if there is a difference between the Canalia Milano and Proposta lines.
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