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Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Potential good deal on some narrow EGs: http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-EDWARD-GREEN...QQcmdZViewItem I'm interested in these. Two questions 1. Why do you say these are narrow? 2. Do you think this shoe is a 9.5 UK instaed of 9.5 US? - I am hoping you say "yes" to this question.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrooklynMike All I can say is, wow! I strolled into Filene's today to use the bathroom and took a quick look at the Armani racks, which often contain some interesting stuff like Brioni shirts and Incotex pants. I spotted a Borrelli shirt in my size so I figured I'd try it in case I spot one on eBay I like. It's kind of weird. Do you wear bespoke / MTM shirts - if so, I think its really hard to back to OTR - even...
Per the C&J 337 thread - I just bought my first pair of C&Js. Do you think the $100 waxed shoe trees from C&J are worth it - relative to the $25 split toe Woodlores that I would get otherwise?
Quote: Originally Posted by TKDKid I love the Westfield! What colour did you get? I think it looks particularly nice in dark brown. Got the dark brown - haven't worn them yet because I'm still trying to decide how I am going to treat them before I do.
Quote: Originally Posted by sysdoc Please do yourself as well as your new pair of shoes a favor and forget the cream - at least for the time being. Applying cream will ruin the original (supposedly high-gloss) polishing and you'll have a good amount of work at your hands to re-establish the shine. So what do you recomend for maintainance - cream or wax polish?
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing 40mm is absolutely huge for a dress watch or any watch not used for intensive purposes for that matter. Well this is the watch I wear: http://www.watchbuys.com/Master/NI-023.htm I think it looks reasoanbly dressy. I am 6'0 185 - and I dont think it looks too big. I actually think that these days 40mm is average theese days.
Quote: Originally Posted by j I do not agree that you don't need to apply some polish. (Okay, you probably won't die from not polishing them, but...) You don't know how long it's been (if ever) since someone did a good polish job on the shoes. I would feel dumb if I got a nasty spot right on the upper of a brand new shoe because I failed to polish it. I also try to waterproof the sole under the arch somewhat with polish or heel/edge dressing, to avoid...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Good grief, where on Earth do these salespeople come from? ... She may have gotten confused by the myth that waxes are harmful because of their solvents (which is also untrue). And yes, j is right: give them a coat before going out. It is important to go over it with shoe cream first, as the finish may be dried out, and cream replenishes the finish. Wax would be fine, too, but only after cream. To clarify...
I was also shopping for a new watch recently. I understand what you are saying about compromise. I found the PPs to be a bit small for my taste - since Iv'e gotten used to wearing a 40mm watch. I am probably leaning towards a JLC at the moment. If you dont mind my asking what sort of discount did you get? I hear 20% is about standard. Is that true?
I had some time to kill in NYC last Friday - so I decided to go to T&A and ended up wandering up to the C&J store. Decided to buy my first pair of C&Js. I would have bought the handgrades - but I just couldn't take the last - it was just "too much" chissel for me. Ended up buying a pair of Westfields in a 9.5EUK (I wear a 10DUS). Asked the manager about recomended wax / polish and she recomended Kiwi Wax Polish (I don't live in NYC - so I dont have immediate access...
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