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Quote: Originally Posted by raley I picked side pleats and asked for a split yoke. He had no idea with a split yoke was. I tried explaining, and showed him the split yoke on my shirt, but he still was confused. I told him to forget about the split yoke. I've been buying custom shirts at Barton & Donaldson in Philly. Their position is that the split yoke and pleats are needed for RTW shirts so that they are more "flexible" - but...
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy slightly better leather, different lasts, and a channelled sole. generally, the handgrades will look much more sleeker than the benchgrades (although the 348 last is a benchgrade last and is very sleek). beyond that, no functional difference (although the uppers might last longer). The HG have full leather linings (which is a functiondal difference - I think) and the corner is nicked off the heal (which is...
Forgot to mention - that I got a 9.5E (UK) in the Westfields and a 10D (US) in the Polos. The Polos are a tad bigger (but not unacceptably by any means) - because they are made on a longer last with a sligtly squared toe. But that is my size conversion info for anyone interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant They are C&J FYI, they run quite long... and are stocked in the Rhinelander mansion if you are interested. Think 337 long and narrow, though the last is a bit different. I believe its a bit slimmer through the quarters. nct Received my Tellmans today. I only have one other pair of C&Js which, as previously mentioned, I bought at full retail from the C&J store at T&A. While there I did look...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Sorry about the Polo Chukka's, but I am currently bootless. ??? What are you sorry about?
http://cgi.ebay.com/New-POLO-RALPH-L...QQcmdZViewItem Are these C&J?
I was pretty shocked to win the auction - My bid went in about 5 hours before auction end for $201. I was shocked to check my email this evening to see that I had won them for $168. I bought a pair of C&Js (from the store at T&A in NYC) at full retail of $475 earlier this year. Those were 9.5Es - hopefully these 10s fit me just right.
Probably should have asked this before bidding - but for $168 I figure they are pretty much a steal either way. http://cm.ebay.com/cm/ck/1065-29392-...tem=7766536608 What do you think? Rajesh
Quote: Originally Posted by rogerm I'm sure this has been covered in threads before, but what's the difference between John Lobb Northampton and John Lobb Paris? Please corect me if I'm wrong - but I think: John Lobb Paris is owned by Hermes and makes shoes in Northhampton. John Lobb London is a bespoke only operation in London.
Quote: Originally Posted by TKDKid Copying across my post from Ask Andy's... C&J "Highbury" It's a little bit more expensive than other C&J regular line shoes - can think of them as regular line plus. Soles are stitched aloft. At 380 EUR - I think that is actually a bit less than the bench grades - which currenly go for US$475.
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