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Quote: Originally Posted by foto010101 Do you happen to own a pair of EG Asquith shoes? I could be wrong - but I am relatively certain that Andrew owns every single EG and JL model known to man.
I think they all basically look very good - I like the first one best.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon Now that I am buying nicer shirts, many of them do not have breast pockets. What do you do with your pen if you don't have a pocket? I don't wear a jacket to work. .... I prefer the minimal aethetic of Lamy - but undertand that this is not for everyone. On you second question: You should consider starting to wear a jacket. You are wearing a formal shirt and carrying a formal pen - so I...
Quote: Originally Posted by mikeber He is considered a liberal, but he signed the worst international agreements with China and NAFTA, in addition to downsizing the military to dangerous levels. Really - to such dangerous levels that we could fight and win two wars simultaneously within three years of his leaving office? So GWB reversed all of Clinton's dangerous downsizing that quickly huh?
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Don't forget, they can "gift" you the first $2,000,000 tax free. Estates are only taxed above that threshold. Isnt it $4m?
Quote: Originally Posted by neirvy The death tax is completely immoral and conflicts with any proper capitalist system. Any man who earned his money through his own effort or his own ability has the right to do whatever he damn pleases with it. The government - and indirectly, you - have no justifiable moral claim on what he can do with it. Sorry - addressed in an earlier post.
Quote: Originally Posted by tbabes NPR is certainly left of center. These days, right and left are in the eyes of the beholder: http://www.broadcastingcable.com/art...&referral=SUPP It seems funny to me how all the media (save Fox News) are defined as left of center. Is it grand conspiracy? or just that right and left aren't equal in terms of intellectual analysis which is what the news media are in the business of offering? For...
Thanks all for the advice. I just can't see going tie-less to this - even if it would be acceptable. Do think a blazer (not a navy jacket) and solid trousers - with a colorful shirt, tie and pocket square would work fits the bill as "cocktail attire." I only ask because I need an excuse to buy a new blazer.
Quote: Originally Posted by topbroker Do Aldens ever go on sale anytime, anywhere? Sherman Brothers in Philly doscounts 10% twice a year. If you are a regular customer, they'll give you 10% year around. www.shermanbrothers.com
I have been invited to a wedding reception in mid-May and the dress is described as "cocktail attire." What the hell does that mean? Other specs: Wedding: Family-only; a week prior to reception Location: Loft space in Manhattan Guests: 100-150 (guess) Time: 7PM (Saturday) Food: hors d’oeuvres stations So what should I wear?
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