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You could try Lands End. Fabric and styling may not be anything to write home about - but construction is generally good and the shirts will last a long time.
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart So far the only NM that I know of carry (or carried?) are Dallas Downtown, Houston Galleria, Northbrook IL, SF, South Coast Plaza. Anyone care to update? There are always a few models at King of Prussia (Philadelphia)
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal Yes, $500 for a pair of EGs is a good deal, though to clarify, do they come with EG shoe trees? Ralph Lauren Purple Label EGs do, which is why i ask. No they do not. Didn't realize that RLPLs did. I never went to the Polo store - but on polo.com - there is no indication that trees are included.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Nice shoes - little scratched up for brand new, eh? Damned people trying on shoes with the inability to walk.. That's funny that they used to be 725 and have increased by 325.. highly unlikely the product has improved - more like more marketing. Well they were on a sale rack instead of the usual display shelf - so I supect that they were handled quite a bit.
I was in NYC last Wednesday and stopped by Saks to pick these up. They are Ashby's on the 606 in Burnt Pine. A couple comments / questions: 1) The regular price at Saks is now $1050; the first discount was to $786.90 (25%); it was then marked down to $550.83 (additional 30%). Paid $13 to have them shipped to me and avoid the tax and then got 10% off for opening a Saks account - so its going to be $507.45 out the door. A pretty good deal I think (as much as paying...
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 I realize I am harping on this, but it's driving me up a wall. So my apologies in advance for bringing up my wedding tux again. I think I have figured out all of my various options for getting a tux for my wedding. From most expensive to least (excluding the shirt, shoes, etc.): Custom-made by a local tailor 1300 MTM Hickey Freeman at Nordstrom 1300 MTM Burberry at Nordys 1000 MTM HSM at Nordys 900 MTM...
Quote: Originally Posted by Duveen Better indicator is the mean income (most common #, not average #). Also important to factor in/monetize the avoided costs of childcare, healthcare, etc. Not to quibble - because I agree with your overall points but: most common = mode half above; half below = median avearge does in fact = mean
Bought my first pair of EGs today from Saks while in NYC for business. Got the Ashby in the 606 last - not sure what the official color name - but its a browninsh color between medium brown and dark brown. This was the last one left on sale in my size - $550 marked down from $1050 less 10% for opening a Saks account and I had it shipped to my home in PA to avaoid about sales tax. I think it'll be something like $505 out the door. I'll post pics once I get it next...
Quote: Originally Posted by alebrady just looking if anyone had any updated info... anyone know if the turnbull and asser sale is still going on through next weekend? also heard that oxxford was having some sort of sale - any chance this is thru next weekend too (heading to nyc for the weekend and in the market for some suits, dress shirts, and shoes) Also is C&J at T&A on sale as well?
I wore this tie 4 or 5 times. I checked and did not see and stains or flaws. Bought it before I understood color theory as described in Flusser's book. Though many pooh-pooh Flusser - his theory makes a lot of sense from my experience. This tie just doesn't work for my Indian high-contrast complexion! I don’t have any other ties from this brand and don’t know much about it. It seems well made: Made in Italy, 100% silk, NOT self-tipped, but does have a...
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