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Quote: Originally Posted by Duveen V-man - quotes you cite are not rude, just critical. It's his job to warn people away from bad restaurants and, in good restaurants, bad choices. He was a little snotty about Wilmington finally catching up to o-so-sophisticated Philly when it comes to wine bars, and he rode the whole CPA/pain-in-the-neck/April 15 stuff a little hard, but overall he seemed fairly normal (as critics go) The guy has a James...
Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant Ralph Lauren Purple Label........$850 Edward Green at Sak's............$950 Jay Kos................................$1050ish Saks is upto $1050 now.
Here is the link: http://ae.philly.com/entertainment/u...reviewId=19167
I realize that this should probably be another forum, but Cuffthis' restaurant, Domain Hudson, was reviewed in this Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer (As in many major cities, we get a portion of the Sunday paper on Saturday). There is also a picture of Mr. This - but the quality is poor - so you can't even be sure that he is wearling cufflinks. The review isn't on the website - but may be there tomorrow - I'll check and post if I remember. He was awarded two bells -...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Slightly O/T -- I'll agree with rajesh that Diner's Club had the best service, indeed was the best card I've ever had. Except so few places took it. Well now you get the Matercard acceptance - and the service has not dimished. Also the card is basically fee free because I pay for the annual fee in points - but then again my average monthly charges are significant.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Diner's recently became a Visa, so NM does not take it. More other places do however, Well actually Diner's Club became a Mastercard - or more accurately use the Matercard system. I have both (Gold) Amex and DC - DC customer service is head and shoulders above Amex. Also the credit check that DC goes through is far more rigourous than Amex. DC actually called my employer to confirmn what I made. ...
You could try Lands End. Fabric and styling may not be anything to write home about - but construction is generally good and the shirts will last a long time.
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart So far the only NM that I know of carry (or carried?) are Dallas Downtown, Houston Galleria, Northbrook IL, SF, South Coast Plaza. Anyone care to update? There are always a few models at King of Prussia (Philadelphia)
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal Yes, $500 for a pair of EGs is a good deal, though to clarify, do they come with EG shoe trees? Ralph Lauren Purple Label EGs do, which is why i ask. No they do not. Didn't realize that RLPLs did. I never went to the Polo store - but on polo.com - there is no indication that trees are included.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Nice shoes - little scratched up for brand new, eh? Damned people trying on shoes with the inability to walk.. That's funny that they used to be 725 and have increased by 325.. highly unlikely the product has improved - more like more marketing. Well they were on a sale rack instead of the usual display shelf - so I supect that they were handled quite a bit.
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