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Just curious - why is the server timestamp messages at US Eastern Time + 8 = which is what GMT + 3. That puts the time zone where? in the Middle East?
Quote: Originally Posted by demeis It is they best rip off of Canali, think Canali of 10 years ago quality wise. Just curious - do you think Canali was better or worse 10 year ago?
Quote: Originally Posted by Carlo Hey fellas - Question... I came across a Trussini sportcoat today that also had the Boyd's label. Generally when I am looking over consignment stuff I pass on names I don't know for ebaying... Some I grab for our offline customers if it is something I'd wear. Anyway, it was canvassed and very nice looking and I knew Boyd's has nice stuff so I went ahead and took it. Anyone know who makes it for Boyd's (it is...
I am pretty certain that you can get Cheaney's at Joseph's in Philly.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Well as long as they stay away from the Jihadists playbook of indiscriminate murder and chaos I really don't see why people spend so much time worrying about them. Do you actually believe they are a threat to your way of life? Well if I was gay and want to have a recognized committed relationship with childrem I would. Or say I was a non believer and I didn't want my child exposed to any religon before I...
Quote: Originally Posted by shawndo I've read conflicting posts on whether or not Saks carries Edward Green anymore. Do they? and if so, are they actually labeled ? I bought a pair of EGs lableled as such from Saks last fall.
Quote: Originally Posted by muelleran The company in Question? Here's a hint: > I share your concerns about that point. On the other hand, most of the total of 8 hours of interview time we talked about how people expect to be managed and about what my deliverables are. And I pointed out to them that we must have a clear communication about these points. I thought they were a corporation - not a partnership.
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta thanks for the replies. her account has the usual mutual funds, annuities, etc... but she is not actively trading and knows nothing about caring for her finances. i don't know anything about this type of thing either, which is why i'm asking here. so how do i help her find someone else? what do you look for in a financial advisor/company? Well, given what you say above, you have two choices: 1) Pay...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Idiotic comment Not so idiotic when you compare the relative cost in lives and dollars of Chenney's foreign policy (including Iraq) and the total costs (direct and indirect) of AQ. Now that the IG has made the assessment (along with the majority of Americans) that pre-war intelligence was not veiwed in a balanced manner - who has caused more harm - AQ or the Dick in the rose-colored glasses.
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Rosie equate the two. Indeed, she said Evangelicals were more dangerous. Statistically speaking, they are more dangerous to her. They are more likely to deny her the right to live in hapiness as she chooses than any islamofacsist. Its a different type of danger - radical Islam is obviously more violent - but who poses a greater threat to her hapiness (as she defines it)? I wend to a funeral...
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