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Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Idiotic comment Not so idiotic when you compare the relative cost in lives and dollars of Chenney's foreign policy (including Iraq) and the total costs (direct and indirect) of AQ. Now that the IG has made the assessment (along with the majority of Americans) that pre-war intelligence was not veiwed in a balanced manner - who has caused more harm - AQ or the Dick in the rose-colored glasses.
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Rosie equate the two. Indeed, she said Evangelicals were more dangerous. Statistically speaking, they are more dangerous to her. They are more likely to deny her the right to live in hapiness as she chooses than any islamofacsist. Its a different type of danger - radical Islam is obviously more violent - but who poses a greater threat to her hapiness (as she defines it)? I wend to a funeral...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang It is traditional to wear only new items for the new year. Like my brand new Kent Wang pocket sqaure?
I have to go to a business dinner that is essentially a networking opportunity within the Chinese business community. Any suggestions of attire that would be (or more importantly) would not be appropriate. For example - is there a "bad luck" / "good luck" associated with New Year's celebrations?
Quote: Originally Posted by Christofuh I do know of the word " satis·facto·ri·ly " , that's why I ask http://dictionary.reference.com/sear...satisfactorily
Quote: Originally Posted by foto010101 Do you happen to own a pair of EG Asquith shoes? I could be wrong - but I am relatively certain that Andrew owns every single EG and JL model known to man.
I think they all basically look very good - I like the first one best.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon Now that I am buying nicer shirts, many of them do not have breast pockets. What do you do with your pen if you don't have a pocket? I don't wear a jacket to work. .... I prefer the minimal aethetic of Lamy - but undertand that this is not for everyone. On you second question: You should consider starting to wear a jacket. You are wearing a formal shirt and carrying a formal pen - so I...
Quote: Originally Posted by mikeber He is considered a liberal, but he signed the worst international agreements with China and NAFTA, in addition to downsizing the military to dangerous levels. Really - to such dangerous levels that we could fight and win two wars simultaneously within three years of his leaving office? So GWB reversed all of Clinton's dangerous downsizing that quickly huh?
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron Don't forget, they can "gift" you the first $2,000,000 tax free. Estates are only taxed above that threshold. Isnt it $4m?
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