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Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I have owned this for a year or so (bought on eBay). They're gorgeous and on a very elegant last but they are just too tight for me Just trying to understand why they are tight. Are they too short, too narrow or both? Do you typically take a 9.5E UK?
There is a guy who lives near me that works out of his house. He actually picks up and drops off. He has done very good work for both me and my wife. He is also reasonably priced since he has no overhead. If your friend lives in the NW suburbs of Philly - let me know and I will pass on the name.
Quote: Originally Posted by seok nice score! plain color? It actually has a herringbone-type pattern where the dirctions of the herringbone reverses to create a series of diamonds. It has about 4 very subtle colors that make it look grey. Not sure I can capture in a digital pic - but I did the best I could. It was made in Canada of fabric woven in Scotland. Its side vented with a great drape - and best of all it was only $70.
Was in NYC for work today and stopped by at 4PM. Below are picture of what I wearing (in case others were there) and the sportscoat that I picked up for $70.
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Anyone want to meet there around lunch time? Given your shoe collection, for me, meeting you would be like a Catholic meeting the Pope. I am not sure I could handle it.
I use a wallet similar to this: Tumi Though mine doesn't have the brand name of the outside and is of a different type of leather. I am quite happy with it.
Thanks - that did the trick. Dont ever remember setting the time zone - and I was in the timezone that has Baghdad as one of its major cities.
Just curious - why is the server timestamp messages at US Eastern Time + 8 = which is what GMT + 3. That puts the time zone where? in the Middle East?
Quote: Originally Posted by demeis It is they best rip off of Canali, think Canali of 10 years ago quality wise. Just curious - do you think Canali was better or worse 10 year ago?
Quote: Originally Posted by Carlo Hey fellas - Question... I came across a Trussini sportcoat today that also had the Boyd's label. Generally when I am looking over consignment stuff I pass on names I don't know for ebaying... Some I grab for our offline customers if it is something I'd wear. Anyway, it was canvassed and very nice looking and I knew Boyd's has nice stuff so I went ahead and took it. Anyone know who makes it for Boyd's (it is...
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