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Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Interesting. I wouldn't say that the C&J trees I bought with my handgrades are lasted. They did make true lasted trees for some limited edition shoes they made a few years ago, but those were pretty rare. Aren't C&J trees also waxed? This is contrary to the moisture-absorption purpose of trees. I also thought they were over $90, not $60.
What do you think of Gran Sasso (Italian) and A. Paine (English) (Hope I spelled those right). I have picked up one of each recently - like them both, but can attest to their longevity.
Quote: Originally Posted by scnupe7 I am selling the Grensons that I purchased from Bennie's last spring. They are brown captoes with very nice antiquing. Size 10D. The shoes are brand new and have never been worn. I asking $250 (plus shipping), which is what I paid. I will post pics later (hopefully tonight). PM me if interested Thanks Is that UK 10D? I am assuming this is US since standard width on UK shoes is an E. Pics...
Quote: Originally Posted by fatherseanfan Received mine in the mail today, excellent product at a great price. Thank you chorse123. Ditto + superfast service
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe there are a whole lot of italian shoe names starting with 'M' and ending in 'i'. I came to my opinion in the following ranking of the four italian shoe makers (not taking price into account, just quality): mantellassi martegani moreschi magnanni Magli? (Bruno) or as OJ would say Ugly-ass Bruno Magli
I stopped by Wayne Edwards in Philadelphia over lunch today. For anyone that's interested there is one pair of EG black captoes (202 last) in size 8.5/9 D. Not sure what the model is and I think they were bals. They are marked down to $195. You could probably call them and have them shipped if you are interested. They are also selling Lobbs at $1100 - which I am guessing is much cheaper than most. The salesman indicated that Lobb was in the process of reducing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo to have the sleeves on a tweed blazer shortened by an inch? Nothing complicated, there's definately enough room at the wrist (though I guess the buttons will inevitably have to be reset). I have a feeling my tailor is pulling a fast one on me... Based on other tailoring I have had done - I'm guessing a tailor would charge $25 - but that's just a guess. Yes - it seems like a lot to me too, but its a free...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel I am not saying that this is not a lot of money, just not a lot of money to a lot of people. I am hoping you meant "not a lot of money to some people" I would hate to think that there were a lot of people that could afford this kind of expenditure. I thought I read somehwhere that there are around 8,000 billionaires in the world. Assuming you need to have a net worth of $10 million or more to spend...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tuerney1 Actually, I don't know that Tom Cruise's popularity has declined that much at all. I agree - I never heard anyone say that they didn't go see a movie because the star was acting little nutty. I think most hollywood star's popularity is directly related to their ability to pick good films to be involved in. It has relatively little to to do with their mental stability.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Check out this internet vendor (authorized dealer): http://www.watchbuys.com/1000.htm I like the Nivrel Special Anniversary Limited Edition, and for $90 more than your maximum, the Limes Klassik Cartouche Silver. Don't buy the Nivrel its a piece of crap. I bought it because I liked the look and have regretted it ever since.
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