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I would recomend Diners Club for a couple reasons: 1) They dont keep trying sell you shit like insurance or financial planning services like Amex 2) A person picks up the phone every time you call - probably says everything about their customer service. 3) You can pay the annual fee with points - so its basically free; though nomincally its not. 4) They dont screw around with 50 differenct cards - there is only 2: the Diners Club charge card and Carte...
Tillman's brother (who I belive served with him in Afghanistan) and mother have been fiercely anti-Bush - so it shouldn't surprise anyone if he is. I head today that a retired 3 star general is going to be demoted over this but I'm too lazy to find a link.
I am also in the market trying to pick between an '08 535 and Infinit m35x. Drove both - love the M35 - I would suggest you do the same. Now if I could only sell my current '03 325 (53K mi).
My friends who live in NYC say there are two things that are cheaper in New York than other cities: haircuts and taxis.
Quote: Originally Posted by Andrew V. No, there is never a polite way to ask for any gift, much less cash. Etiquette does allow you to give ideas to those who ask what you would like for a gift. The most delicate way to suggest cash in response to such a question might be to say, "Well we really don't need anything." I've seen some "no boxed gifts" request. I don't like it - people do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I used to work at a fine art supply store in college that also was one of the bigger fine pen dealers in So Cal and having worked in the pen dept quite a bit, I did learn that the typical MontBlanc rollerball or ballpen (and the black plastic fountains) are overrated. The barrels are made of plastic and prone to breakage. I would equate a MB to a fused Armani suit. Though I don't have one - I belive...
I - like you - prefer the minimalism of a Lamy - I use 2 Lamy 2000s at work, a Lamy Studio Palladium at home and I have a few Lamy Safaris of I am out and about.
Quote: Originally Posted by aesop12 Hey guys, My prom is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I need a bit of help deciding what to wear. I don't own a suit and can't really afford to buy one, however I fit in my dad's tuxedo just fine. He also has a wing tipped collar shirt that I like, however I would really rather stick with a long tie. Is that possible? If not, could I just buy a dress shirt that fits me and wear that with my tuxedo and tie? As you...
I think you got a good deal.
Not my style but not bad for < $25. I guess I would say 1) they are not casual enough; but you dont want to alter them - so I think you are in no man's land. 2) Dont button the top button - it should improve the look. Just my opinion - YMMV.
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