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OK I see. Not sure I have a good solution for you then. You may be able to do something using tables (excel 2007 and 2010), creating helper columns and working with filters. Alternatively, I thought there may be a query facility that you could use with your SQL statements (but don't know this for certain.)
You should be able to handle something with this level of complexity with a pivot table
Click the arrow to expand "Number" under the Home ribbon. Under the Number tab look for "Special" and then Phone Number.
You should be able to do this with a filter and a "helper" column. The helper column would be the basis of the filter and might be something like 1, 0, 0 , 1, 0, 0 , 1, 0, 0 (Really anything that would have a unique identifier for the rows that you wanted to display.)
Agree and am surprised that this thread isn't full of 10 pages making fun / sarcastic comments of the OP.
Look up conditIonal formatting
This is one of Ledbury's key features / marketing points - and they are well within your price range.
My shirt maker told me that wearing an undershirt reduces the life of the shirt due to the friction between the undershirt and the shirt. Also, much of the pleasure of wearing a high quality shirt is the feeling of the fabric against your skin. On the original question - shirts should almost never be dry cleaned.
I just received and wore my first Ledbury shirt. (Just bought one to try it out) No tie today. I thought the construction was very good. There is some magic in the collars that keeps them standing - this fixes a problem that I often I have when wearing dress shirts without the tie. I thought it fit me well. I am 6ft ~195lb - probably about 15 lbs over my ideal weight for my build and I got the regular fit- which was just about perfect for me. The fabric isn't the silky...
I think the answer lies with the OFFSET function.
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