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Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 Had to dig up an oldie, I couldnt find too many threads on tie bars. Any feedback on this look? I just bought a $12 tie bar at target, simple and nice. The tie is a cheap 50/50, poly/cotton square end tie. First, the knot seems a little weird with this collar, any recommendations on tying it? The fabric is real thin. Second, is the tie bar too prenetentious with a square end tie if I dont wear a jacket or...
I went in October. Before that I went a few times in the late 90s. Back then - going to Le Bec Fin was like going on vacation - a truly special dining experience. Now its like going to any other (great) French restaurant. Unbelivebale but not special if that makes sense.
Quote: Originally Posted by hypersonic There are rumours circulating that due to poor sales and the deepening global recession, this special version will be the last Maybach before the brand is reconsigned to the history books. I went new car shopping today - the Maybach dealership that was across from the MB dealership has been converted to a Smart dealership.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Take half the shoulder measure and add the arm length Thanks
I don't understand how to convert your measurements into more traditional sleeve sizes (bottom-center of collar to shoulder point to cuff-end). Can you help?
Chu Tie is Sold
price drop
Corneliani Pants Sold
Updated to reflect sold sweater.
These are all items that just don’t work for me. A few items are NWT – the others have all been worn between 0 and 5 times (mostly to the lower end of that range). The sweaters are just a bit too small. I typically wear US Neck size 16 / EU 41 shirts – but US XL / EU54 sweaters. Starting with the NWT Items: NWT Borrelli Napoli 100% Lambswool Sweater:SOLD I really don’t know how to describe the color: sort of a combination of blue and pink (fuschia?) Measurements: Armpit...
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