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I have a new favorite maker of tailored clothing - Basile. It's Zegna (mainline) quality at Canali prices IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Siggy I agree Philly is a sartorial shopping wasteland. DC and NYC are a zillion times better. Probably not fare to compare Philly to either of those cities - New York is well New York - 10 times the size of Philly with infinitely more money sloshing around. DC is filled with lawyers and politicos that need to wear fine tailored clothing
Quote: Originally Posted by Pundit I believe he has a committed clientele that keeps coming back. I have a friend that buys there and understand that he has an off sticker price for his regular customers. Good to hear it is a larger shop as his Locust street store was not much more than a large closet. This space isn't actually much bigger than a closet. I believe that the hours listed on the door are "By Appointment" which makes sense if he...
Square toe Bruno Magli's - at least they were brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe There is a lot of hate for Boyd's on this board, but it is still worth a look. I think Boyd's is much like Paul Stuart - good stuff with sometimes overbearing salespeople. The difference between PS and Boyd;s is that I don't think Boyd's is any more expensive that other B&M places. (Though I recognize that it is hard to compare PS since they only sell their own goods.)
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe There is a lot of hate for Boyd's on this board, but it is still worth a look. For high end Italian stuff at predictable high prices, try the shop in the lower level of the Comcast Center. I believe that the store is called L'Uomo. The owner is a very nice guy. His sale prices can be quite good. I posted a question on this last weekend - I pass L'Uomo every day and I have yet to see anyone in...
Just asking - but does it even make sense to worry about durability in a "fashion-forward" suit. Almost by definition - the suit will be out of fashion before it ever wears out.
Not sure if 995 was the tagged price at Boyds - but if not on sale - they'll give you $200 off just for asking. Officially you need to sign up for their preferred customer program - but just promise you will and they'll give you the savings. I just recently bought a (solid navy) Basile suit there at $1295 - $200 = $1095 and I love it. You should be able to find something good there for $1000 if that's your limit.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba I've just noticed that the typical cheap brand ties dont knot very well, while its certainly not infallible. Really cheap ties are rarely woven (always printed). Some expensive ties are printed; most are woven.
I walk by this store multiple times every day. There is never anyone in there. (I actually mean that I have never ever seen anyone in there.) The merchandise looks gorgeous - looks like tailored clothing from D'Avenza, shirts from Marmol (tagged at $495 and $495), Romano Martegni shoes. Anyone know what the deal is?
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