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Quote: Originally Posted by djs488 I have written a macro that, among other things, creates a number of charts and formats them specifically. When I step through the macro in debug mode through the problem area, everything works properly. However, when I actually run the macro the graphs are not formatted correctly. Ever seen macros behave differently while debugging than when run? Anyone know a solution? Using excel '03 btw. I have the same...
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnD356 Agreed, the price is great. I've heard good things about Barton and Donaldson, but never seen their work. Could you give me your impressions? Thanks. I really like the fit. The fabrics range from nice to excellent - selection is huge. The construction is excellent. The store smells musty.
My guess is that (outside the HK makers) you'll be hard pressed to get custom shirts in the $150 - $165 range net of all costs. Remember no tax in PA. The trial shirt is an experiment - the others aren't much of a risk in that sense. I use Barton and Donaldson and they are in the $225 to $275 range.
I have a new favorite maker of tailored clothing - Basile. It's Zegna (mainline) quality at Canali prices IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Siggy I agree Philly is a sartorial shopping wasteland. DC and NYC are a zillion times better. Probably not fare to compare Philly to either of those cities - New York is well New York - 10 times the size of Philly with infinitely more money sloshing around. DC is filled with lawyers and politicos that need to wear fine tailored clothing
Quote: Originally Posted by Pundit I believe he has a committed clientele that keeps coming back. I have a friend that buys there and understand that he has an off sticker price for his regular customers. Good to hear it is a larger shop as his Locust street store was not much more than a large closet. This space isn't actually much bigger than a closet. I believe that the hours listed on the door are "By Appointment" which makes sense if he...
Square toe Bruno Magli's - at least they were brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe There is a lot of hate for Boyd's on this board, but it is still worth a look. I think Boyd's is much like Paul Stuart - good stuff with sometimes overbearing salespeople. The difference between PS and Boyd;s is that I don't think Boyd's is any more expensive that other B&M places. (Though I recognize that it is hard to compare PS since they only sell their own goods.)
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe There is a lot of hate for Boyd's on this board, but it is still worth a look. For high end Italian stuff at predictable high prices, try the shop in the lower level of the Comcast Center. I believe that the store is called L'Uomo. The owner is a very nice guy. His sale prices can be quite good. I posted a question on this last weekend - I pass L'Uomo every day and I have yet to see anyone in...
Just asking - but does it even make sense to worry about durability in a "fashion-forward" suit. Almost by definition - the suit will be out of fashion before it ever wears out.
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