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I don't understand how to convert your measurements into more traditional sleeve sizes (bottom-center of collar to shoulder point to cuff-end). Can you help?
Chu Tie is Sold
price drop
Corneliani Pants Sold
Updated to reflect sold sweater.
These are all items that just don’t work for me. A few items are NWT – the others have all been worn between 0 and 5 times (mostly to the lower end of that range). The sweaters are just a bit too small. I typically wear US Neck size 16 / EU 41 shirts – but US XL / EU54 sweaters. Starting with the NWT Items: NWT Borrelli Napoli 100% Lambswool Sweater:SOLD I really don’t know how to describe the color: sort of a combination of blue and pink (fuschia?) Measurements: Armpit...
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Just so you guys know, toggle-back cufflinks are not at the top of the cufflink food-chain. I agree: toggle backs just look and feel cheap to me. While I am not one that thinks we should always be dressed to the nines - when you go to the trouble of wearing a French-cuff / double-cuff shirt - a toggle back seems to be fighting the elegance of the shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Siggy Bah, what does a metal shank do anyway? All it did in one of my Aldens was poke out of the freakin sole after several years. The metal shank results in a stiffer, more supportive shoe. No metal shank produces a slightly more comfortable but less supportive shoe. So I say: Aldens is you stand, AE if you sit Alden if you are heavier, AE if you are lighter I also heard that Alden sells their shoes...
I was in the King of Prussia NM store yesterday and the they had the sale tags on. The $450 Borellis were marked doen to $300 and I think the Brionis were marked down from $600 to $450. More than I want to spend right now. (Dont quote me on these - I am doing this from memory and my memory is not always great.)
Quote: Originally Posted by beansprouts1 i have a few pens from mont blanc and was browsing their site today. are their watches any good? I belive that MB purchased a very well known manufacture (Villarat?) which produces very well regarded watches.
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