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Have you considered Bonobos?
Good catch - I did dye my hair yesterday - as I do every time I get my hair cut. I have it done professionally - not at home. I appreciate your comments - but everyone else has been complimentary. Every few years - there is a timing issue where I cant get to the guy who does my hair (travel schedules, holidays, etc) and my wife gets annoyed. I personally feel like it makes me look five years younger.Anyway - I think the graying and the balding are two separate issues - I...
@Kent_Wang - My sense is that the more relaxed shoulder is a fashion trend that has taken hold over the past year or two. I generally don't turn over my wardrobe every year or two - though your retail stock necessarily have to do that. While I agree it looks better - I say that with looking through the lens of 2016 fashion. I am sure i would not have had the same felling in 1990. Anyway - Here is a more recent purchase with decidely less padding and a more natural...
Thanks to all - I think the issue is that the shirt sleeves aren't long enough - or more accurately that the cuffs are too tight so the sleeves don't hang in an extended position.
Long time lurker. Not my best outfit but I have a picture of myself in this one. Comments would be appreciated. I need a haircut - that will happen tomorrow. I have always wanted to keep my jackets "roomy" for fear of gaining weight - but I think its time that I start getting them more fitted.
@upr_crust I love your outfits. Have you thought about leading your posts with the standing picture - instead of the seated one?
That was basically my point as well. Anyway - it's really just a a semantic difference.I come down on the side that consulting is a job, occupation, career - but not a profession. I like reserving the latter moniker - others will disagree and that is OK.(As an FYI - I am a Partner in a consulting firm - that is "large" but not MBB.)
Just wanted to offer my view that consulting is actually not a profession. A professional has certain requirements like a having a organized body of knowledge, credentialing, and professional discipline. "Lawyer" is a profession. "Doctor" is a profession. "Accountant" is a profession, etc.Anyone can call themself a consultant. It may be a career but it is not a profession.
I should have guessed that given you are so impeccably put together. Keep the pictures coming.
@upr_crust I am usually a big fan of your looks but this one doesn't quite do it for me. I think the suit washes you out too much.For example, I think you look much better with the top coat on than just the suit.Another option might have been a higher contrast tie.
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