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Lightly used blue W+H Hunting Parka in XS made from 60/40 grunge cloth. Excellent condition. Small wear/crease mark on the back, barely noticeable, but see attached pictures for more. Free shipping.
Looking for: Canada Goose Chiliwack or Yukon bomber jackets in XS or even XXS. Woolrich John Rich & Bros Arctic Cap. The style that has the wool outer shell, in size L. (I have the nylon outer shell style in M if anyone is interested).
How tall are you and do you have fit pics?
Anyone get the Wolverine 1000 Mile Care Kit with their boots? I did and it came with conditioner and creme. My question is, which should be applied first? Should it always be one then the other, or should I apply the creme weekly and condition after every wear?
price drop bump
I'll be in Dallas for the next week and I really need a good haircut. Note: focus is on the haircut. I don't care if there's a TV with ESPN on, beer being served, or tits in my face. I just want a good haircut by someone who knows what they're doing. Any recommendations?
Up for sale is my beautiful Cole Haan Portage Messenger bag. It's barely used, has no marks or scuffs, and is in nearly mint condition. It even still smells great. Here is a link to the exact product on Cole Haan's site: $260 shipped to CONUS. Will accept PayPal and money orders as payment. thanks!
A while ago I came across a product specifically for cleaning the rubber outsole of shoes, but can't seem to find it now. I'm looking for something to clean the black outsole of my Ferragamo Newlands as well as my Redwing 406 work boots. What do you guys use?
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