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Looks perfect! great job
^^^^^^^^ I'm in for a navy! Awesome!
Where are his signature 100 x 100 lapels??? why isn't he wearing a jacket??!Not that any of us needed anymore assurance of the greatness of GG, but for those nay sayers here we have it!
Yes, I spoke to them and found out they will be on the MH71.I'm impartial to the DG70. I have all 3 of the lasts from GG and I would only like to move forward with the DG70, it suits my tastes the best.
Thanks and PM sent! Ask for commission ;-)
I can't believe I missed the pea coat for $75!!!
Is this anywhere on their site?
Seriously? My wallet
^^^^^^ I'd love a pair but only on the DG70 last. Gorgeous
justinkapur - same here. I can't deal with this waiting game much longer lol I'm on the haul for the navy and chocolate suede's
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